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Further yellowing and clawing?

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    Further yellowing and clawing?

    Hi guys can anyone tell me why my plants going lighter? Will my new growth come still green n start burning? Or will it come out discoloured? The plants still growing, i flushed the other day and water with tomato feed as I've seen it could be from lack Nitrogen, and after a goof flush add abit of nutes back into the soil, i used 2mlof tomato feed and 2ml of seaweed extract Phd at 6, I'm going to leave now and see what happens now

    But atm my can you look at my pics and point me in the right direction, clawinng, going up bud leaves, yellowing, tips are crumbly and curling, red stems on some leaves, is the plant hungry? What signs do i see if it is? Any help please

    from what i can see in the pics, it appears to be nutrient burn. Maybe back your nutes down to half of what you've been using for the next few waters.
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      It def does look like nute burn, but the pale looking leaves are not so convincing though.
      What has the root zone PH been at recently? I assume ph 6 is goin in... but what is the ph coming out of the container in that case?
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        What is tomato feed?
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