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    SOIL Black flies!

    Alright. I've diagnosed my nursery with a fungus gnat issue. I was at the hydro store a bought a spray bottle by Dokter Doom called Go Green which has the active ingredient "Pyrethrins". Its been a few days and I still haven't used it. Today I'm going to transplant the nursery plants from 3.5" pots to 5.5" pots and was planning on spraying Dokter Doom into the soil I'm using in the transplant. Thoughts???

    I have a bottle of this as well. I've never tried mixing it in with the soil but I have used it on top of the soil and I also mist the leaves in veg only if I'm seeing any insects. It works fairly well. You can always use food grade DE in your soil as well


      simpleman mix diatomaceous earth in with your soil before transplanting. Works for me.
      If that isn't an option, make sure you have air blowing around your pots and the top of your soil. FG's can get in every hole in your pot.
      Please mind the jellyfish.

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        Sticky traps......Don’t grow home without it !


          I keep a yellow sticky trap in all my tents. They are cheap enough and are an early warning detector as well.
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            You can make 'em out of anything yellow and some vaseline.


              Neem meal is the ticket sprinkle some over the top of your soil. Also DE food grade works well. But my go to is neem meal once again sprinkled on top of the soil and I also do a foliage spray once a week.


                I do same with neem oil insecticide works well in my guerilla grow but ive made a post cause ive noticed my 1st preflowers are browning at tip working the way down and shriveling up. Could this be from neen oil insecticide damage from foliar spray once a week in ideas.


                  Originally posted by Farmall View Post
                  Click image for larger version Name:	55A2DE88-24F6-4F11-B485-BC9C7C581E19.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.42 MB ID:	371365
                  Sticky traps......Don’t grow home without it !
                  I use the same traps that work well to monitor your level of fly population, but to really clean them out I use my secret ingredient to kill the larvae. That is 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide per 8 oz. of water. Kills the bastids straight away, and only 88 cents a bottle at the Mallwart.

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                  I cut the stickies in half getting 50 from a 25 pack.


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                    I am gnatless at present.

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                    Yup! #me too (ha-ha). In a 4x8 x7’ space I had 9 of them spread high and low. Some have my shirt lint on them or my hair as I can’t seem to avoid them when I reach in to water or clean up. I had one pull off the twisty and stick to the back of my shirt like a “ kick me” sign.

                    BUT GNAT-LESS

                  Me too i'm Gnat less I drowned them all
                  Smoke Ganja create Peace Respect Nature don't trash the Planet

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