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    Where do I get seeds

    What is the best way to get good seeds? Can I order them in canada? What is a good website? I'm tired of growing random seeds.

    Hi Weedman420 I have ordered twice from True North Seed Bank and twice from Canuk seeds. Also ordered seeds from Sonoma Seeds in BC. Had great results from all 3 suppliers. TNSB has a very large selection of breeders. US/Canada/Europe. Mail delivery. They always have some sort of sale going on too.
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      Hey weedman I'm also in Canada and I've tried a variety of seed banks. Personally I like seedsman the best but that's just my opinion. They have a good selection and stealth shipping if you choose. Nirvana and gyo seed bank have also been really good to me. You have lots of options!


        Nirvana is really good and they take cards. But lots of others sell seeds as well most of them from the same breeders. Baked Beans out of California is one I've used they wouldn't take my card but I mailed them cash and they keep their word. Barneys Farms . I've never been disappointed with their strains. Have a great grow !!



          Why yes, I was high when I wrote this.

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