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Contradicting Strain Make-up

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    Contradicting Strain Make-up

    First time grower. Bought 3 seeds of Tangerine Dream Auto from a grower that is not listed on your site of recommended growers, but had a very impressive web site and everything has been doing quite well to date. Got three free seeds with the order of Chemdog #4 Feminized.
    The descriptions on the web site and packaging said that the Tangerine Dreams are 60% Sativa - 30% Indica- 10% Ruderalis (the auto triiger).
    The description on the Chemdog #4 says it is 80% Indica - 20% Sativa.
    When I look at other grower's web sites that you recommend, I see that Tangerine Dream is an Indica and Chemdog is a Sativa.
    Is there a source for what is what? Also, I have read that Indica vs Sativa don't really tell you what the strain effect will be, but rather, the Trichomes will define the expected effects.
    Do growers list the trichome make up of their strains?
    Just asking for future knowledge and reference. Learning so much, so fast. This is fun, but can get confusing when you read different sites.

    I like to use Leafly to look up strains, doesn't always have what you're looking for but it's pretty good. Also, , lots of breeder specific info
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      This is a pretty good place to go down The lineage rabbit hole.

      Tricromes are the resin glands that hold cannabinoid and terpenes, its that which is the most importing part but most seed sites do not list there profile Beyond THC & CBD percentages.​​​​​​​


      • WarTexas
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        My mistake. Yes, it is terpenes that I meant to reference, not trichomes.
        Thank you for pointing that out.
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      Don't go to different websites - ease your confusion. Honestly - 4 years ago I stumbled on GWE and have had no need to go elsewhere.

      Sativa is good for a head high - my morning smoke.
      Indica is more for relaxation and pain medication. My wife and I smoke a strong indica before bed each night, works for us.
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        Yea, I noticed that different seed banks can sometimes have lots of different info. I just stick with the ones I trust the most.
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          And the more you look the worse it gets,,,, same "strain" name different lineages, etc..


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            BTW, I have been happy with new420guy, have an order in now.

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