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    Hi after several failed seeds germinate. I am now trying the paper towel method in my grow tent. Anyone else done this?

    I use the PT and baggie, no tent,,,


      I do mine in a Tupperware with the lid open a bit. Coffee filters also work.
      3'x3'x6' Veg and flowering tent
      Good ol' American sunshine
      350 Watt Viparspectra LED
      2 - Caramelicious Fem one gallon
      1 - Ice Cream bagseed one gallon
      3 - bagseed one gallon
      Fox Farm Trio nutes
      Black Magic soil

      Diatomaceous earth


        No I've never placed them in my grow tent. But i'm having the same issues with the seeds. Not sure why I've done them for years never had so many fail. I'm taking a break from the seeds and doing clones on my plants in the tent now, i'm having more luck with those.
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        Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
        indoor/outdoor grower
        1 4x4x8 tent -veg.& flower - 2 450 viparspectar
        1 3x3x6 tent- seedlings veg t-5, CFL 54watt w/reflector- viparspectar 450 veg. light only


          Howdy Doggiedeb, I germinate my seeds on a paper towel in an aluminum foil (small disposable bread loaf pan) container. I use tap water (pH'ed to 5.0, without any nutrients) just deep enough to cover a folded paper towel. The water level is just enough for the seeds to be in contact with, but not under the water. I cover the pan with plastic wrap, then foil, and place it in a warm area (35° to 80° F). This has worked well for me. I can lift the foil to check on their progress and then place the seedlings into the rockwool cubes when the root is showing growth. Here are some photos of a past germination.
          Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


          • Doggiedeb
            Doggiedeb commented
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            Thank thank you. Ok now I have one seed with the tap root I need to plant. Can I plant in a pot that a seed didn't make it at all? Reuse the soil?

          • JDU
            JDU commented
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            Sure. You can reuse soil especially if it hasn't been depleted of its nutrients. OLD dirt needs to be revitalized or "augmented" or you'll need to treat it more like coco & use nutes in their water.

          Not the recommended method lol but I've always just soaked em in plain water til they sink & put em straight into the dirt. As long as it don't dry out or get overwatered I do pretty well. I've had 2 out of 12 fail.


          • DW2
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            I don't like to 'bury' the seeds and wonder if they are viable or not. By germinating them on towels I can see which seeds a good or not. If one plants them in the soil or a cube, You have to wait until they 'pop up' to know if they were good or not. This way all of my plants are on the same time frame, not with different start dates. But what ever works for you is what should be done.

          • JDU
            JDU commented
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            I hear ya but you know in less than 5 days if it's gonna pop. Like I said it's not the preferred method but it does show that there really ain't much science involved. Wet n warm will sprout seeds.

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