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Mother Earth Coco w/Perlite

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    Mother Earth Coco w/Perlite

    Hello everyone. I'd like to start my next (indoor) grow within the next month. I'm planning on using Mother Earth Coco w/perlite.I have been told by several reliable sources that this coco does NOT require all the pre grow prepping.

    I know I've asked this in the past but when growing in coco I know water is much more frequent but I'd like to know if nutes are added every watering or every other watering. Someone had linked me a tutorial of growing in coco from this site and also a couple of you tube videos but I've seen to have lost that link.

    Thank you in advance for any advice/ suggestions

    I use the same brand, and I put 2 gallons of ph'd water with extra calmag through it to start (3 gallon pot). Normally I use 1 tsp of calmag throughout the grow, but I use 2 1/2 tsp for the first one. Havent really had a problem.

    I use nutes every time I water, but it seems you could use normal water in between. People do it either way with good results.


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