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    We should have Lemon Auto pollen pretty soon folks.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200111_190336.jpg
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    Here's a shot of the LA nanners with the young colas towering over them.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200111_190656.jpg
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    The Strawberry Cheesecake looks to be days behind but might just give us some pollen herself.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200111_190956.jpg
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      WOW - Very trippy!!!
      A his own mind. VivoSun 315W LEC, 4' X 2' X 5' Tent GH Flora Trio/Calmag coco/perlite


        Pretty damn cool.
        Cool grows 2x4x5 tent for flowering cycle. This is a decent low cost tent
        Vivosun 2x4x5 tent for veg cycle. To many light leaks for it to be a flower tent
        4- Bloomspect 600 watt led burple lights. 2 in each tent
        2- Bloom booster 4ft led strips 2700k in flower tent
        2-Ac infinity 6 inch exhaust fans,one in each tent.
        2- Inkbird ITC-1000F temperature controllers
        Hm digital Ph-80 Ph pen
        Foxfarm trio of nutrients
        Foxfarm Happy frog soil
        Foxfarm Ocean forest soil.


          Lookin good!


            LA 18 hours later. Second pic shows 'em starting to open up. I'll take pics at least twice a day from now on if I can to show the progress of that flower opening.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200112_134037.jpg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200112_134128.jpg
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            • SoOrbudgal
              SoOrbudgal commented
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              Hmmm what a lovely bunch of sacks you've made. I'll take 3 feminized please

            I've got a bit of a sad update tonight. I found this nanner growing out of the top of a cola on the Strawberry Cheesecake plant. I pinched it out and searched the rest of the plant and thankfully didn't find any more. I can't be sure that it's just stress induced and not genetic so I went ahead and aborted the mission of making pollen with her. I chopped her branch of sacks off, sealed it in a bag and disposed of it. It was a pretty cool mutated branch that I was spraying. Maybe I should have taken a hint and not tried to breed it to begin with.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200113_020746.jpg
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            Last pic of SC's lady nuts
            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200113_021505.jpg
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            Shot of her mutated branch before I cut it off
            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200113_021627.jpg
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            The Lemon Auto is still looking great and we should be getting pollen from her soon I'm taking pictures every few hours, I'll update tomorrow when I get another shot in the morning.


            • Rwise
              Rwise commented
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              It is my thought that the entire plant is affected by spraying that one bud which is why I do this with a clone,,, and do the whole plant.

            This is FASCINATING. Thank you for sharing!!!


              Here are the last couple of days shots of the LA in chronological order.

              1/13 at Noon
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200113_122921.jpg
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              1/13 at 9:40 pm
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200113_214123.jpg
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              1/14 at 10:00 am first flower is opening. Gave the branch a tap and got a tiny bit of pollen to spill onto a leaf below.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200114_101507.jpg
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              • Rwise
                Rwise commented
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                Gorgeous! only 6 to 8 weeks to fresh seed!

              @FunkyButtLovin, what strength collodial silver did you use? I see 50 ppm and 240 ppm.
              2'x2'x5' Custom Breed & Seed Cabinet w/ 4 Roleadro flat-panel 75W lights
              2'x2'x5' Custom Seedling, Clone & Young Veg. Cabinet w/ CFL & flat panels
              2'x2'x5' Custom Veg. Cabinet with Vipar Spectra 450 Dimmable
              2'x4'X6' Custom Flowering Cabinet with 2 Vipar Spectra Dimmable Lights

              75% Perlite, 25% Peat Moss in 10- and 3- Gallon nursery pots, Fertigation method.

              Miracle Gro Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer (with micronutrients), 1 tsp./gallon, supplemented with Miracle Gro Bloom Booster during Flower.


              • FunkyButtLovin
                FunkyButtLovin commented
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                I used 50 ppm and gave 2-3 pumps on each budsite that I wanted to change. I sprayed them once or twice per day and only sprayed twice on 4-5 of the days. The day that I was sure that the nuts were forming I sprayed one last time for good measure and it worked well.

              So do have have pregnant girls yet?


                I think so, I pollinated a bunch of buds on a couple of different Lemon Auto plants and now the pistils are curling in on a lot of them. I'll be pollinating a younger strawberry cheesecake with the same Lemon pollen in a few days, it just started flowering last week. One of the 2 SC plants was too old, the other threw the nanner so I'm waiting on this new girl. I'm trying to decide whether or not to put some Lemon pollen on a Northern Lights auto that I have going now that is just about to start flowering.


                  I thought my WW auto was to old, so I didn't, but she did and I got 1 seed from her. It was nice, headbanger over WW gave up widdowbanger.
                  The lemon over SC sounds interesting,, Lemon tart,,,LOL


                    Beyond time for an update here but things are going so slowly and I chopped the branch with the male flowers so there wasn't anything to see. I will take pics of the pollinated buds soon, they are just barely showing and you probably wouldn't notice that their pregnant if you didn't know since they just look like slightly more mature areas of the bud as the hairs turn red and shrivel faster once they've been pollinated. On 1/14/20 I self-pollinated the Lemon Auto plant that I used to make the pollen as well as pollinating another Lemon Auto of the same phenotype. 1/15/20 I harvested the limb that had all the pollen sacs, removed majority of the leaves and saved it so I can pollinate a young Strawberry Cheesecake auto that is a week or so. In about 2+ weeks I'll have a Northern Lights auto to pollinate with this same LA pollen.

                    Anyhow, it's time to introduce the next young lady to get the treatment. This is the Sour Tangie by Garden of Green clone I'm going to use to create the following myriad of feminized crosses for myself and to give away.
                    Sour Tangie S1
                    Sour Tangie x Alaskan Purple
                    Sour Tangie x Blue Dream
                    Sour Tangie x Darth Vader
                    Sour Tangie x White Caramel Cookie
                    Sour Tangie x White Widow

                    I vegged it under but far away from an HPS to purposely stretch her to make things easier for me in my particular situation, the mother has much better internodal spacing.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200115_002745.jpg
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200115_002923.jpg
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                    I plan on giving these away so if anyone is interested in getting any of these please let me know what and how many you'd like. You can post here or by pm within the next 2 weeks or so and I'll mark it down and contact you when they are ready late March approximately . I'm asking ahead of time because I am seeding part of my feminized crop to do this and I do not plan to make too many of any of these unless there is some interest but I'd hate to only make a dozen of something and find out later that a handful of people would like a few. If anyone wants Lemon Auto seeds they will be ready right around Valentine's Day. The Lemon Auto x Strawberry Cheesecake auto & Lemon Auto x Northern Lights auto should be ready early March.


                    • LurkingInTheGrass
                      LurkingInTheGrass commented
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                      Would love to run any seeds by FBL (or anybody that I "know", TBH)

                      alas, I am in Canada, and expect an immediate pass (which is fine, send them to a good pot 😁 )

                      Good on you, for intentionally doing it (making seeds)

                    I made feminized seeds last year by just keeping the bud on really long until she made flowers as a last resort. Then I pollinated one of my girls in flower with the pollen. I'm growing this winter from those seeds and getting all girls, so that's good but I'm also getting a lot of genetic variation. I don't mind that one bit because the experience is worth it, and it's all smokable. The offspring tends to favor one or the other of the parents, not a true cross.


                    • FunkyButtLovin
                      FunkyButtLovin commented
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                      Yeah, this is kinda the same and not serious breeding by any stretch of the imagination. I'm already doing it for myself and it's so easy to pollinate a bit more to be able to share with others so I decided to start this thread and do a show and tell so people would be able to see the exact plants being bred and process so it seems a bit less mysterious than just a random dude offering homebred seeds although that is what it is lol. It started with me just wanting to create feminized S1 seeds so I don't have to worry about running out. Then I thought I might as well pollinate a couple of small buds on each of the other plants knowing the crossed offspring could vary wildly and it's almost like mystery seeds but at least we know the parents and have an idea of the possibilities. I also only chose 1 strain to put on all the others rather than reverse more than one strain at a time just in case there is any accidental pollination we still know the pollinator with certainty.

                    Originally posted by FunkyButtLovin View Post
                    I plan on giving these away so if anyone is interested in getting any of these please let me know what and how many you'd like..
                    I'd be very excited to get an assortment from you. If you can spare about a dozen beans, I'd be stoked.


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