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Stressed, revegging, slow growth short auto outdoor need advices or opinions

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    HELP! Stressed, revegging, slow growth short auto outdoor need advices or opinions

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Name:	5be857c13a0b0075f8ba8bab5c3db507400d9aea_2_750x1000.jpeg
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ID:	357988 Growing Autoflowering outdoor(slow old mutated short green suffering Lady)

    Hello there 😊 👋
    have a sneaky peak if busy or long to read all.

    - Auto-Strain ( one of those not sure which because seeds mixed) Euforia Auto by Dutch passion, Amnesia Auto by seedsman or LSD Auto by Barney's.
    - Growing outdoor
    - Soil cheap garden potting mix and i added perlite.
    - pot plastic 5 gallons
    - Light direct sunlight for short hours (winter is here)
    - Temperature: ranging last 2 months between 28c°decreasing at night to 18-20 c° sometimes less 4 or 5 days temp was 6-7 c°
    - Feeding none, just epsom salt twice , egg shells.
    Germination (2-Oct-19)
    Flowering (10-Nov-19)

    Never grown anything before this trial not cannabis or any other plant, mixed bag of seeds( not same packaging by seedsman) just did that to be able to travel through thd airport.
    I wasn't planning on starting my grow just wanted to ckeck seeds quality and viablity so i
    picked 2 of them and tried it in peats pellets after soacking for 12 hours in water , germinated one only after 1 day the other seed not sprouted for 10 days, started seedling indoor then shifted outdoor transplanted from seedling cup to small pot then 5 gal pot
    the leafs 3 winged only from start till now not a single leaf is different.Growing was very slow at beginning just till flowering and then she was catching up little bit then again slow then many small branches and leafs kept growing ( dont know why but i removed all the new growth ), before i was watering with drinking water then shifted to tap water after 3 weeks the PH 8 way far of ideal range resulted in slow growth
    Regarding the feeding, making her almost like vampire plant living on other plants blood heheh, doing very strange wicked spells hehehh putting what ever vegetables, fruits, egg shells,with some of my fish food somtimes i add epsom salt twice or 3 times only done) plus any plants i can find ,,putting them with water all in blender mix well add water keep the mixture for 2 days there and watering them with the extracted water from my wizard spells heheh.
    Training exceeds all recommendation for auto flowering strains, but still i never broke a stem unintentionally, didn't top her but keep pinching changing the direction of branches i bent ,
    Shaving her Steve sten bald way is a drop of what been doneheheh, seems like i should keep her as my training and experiments partener that way i can resist messing with the rest of plants i just grew.
    Not expecting more miracles of this super tolerating plant just i spent alot of time with her hehehe maybe i got attached anyway still want her to make it through the whole process see the final outcome and i practice what ever crazy ideas am doing on her, So any help, advice, idea, suggestion or even ur own crazy idea might be considered useful.

    Thank you so much ❤️ and if anyone interested to follow this lady journey i can keep posting her pics and updates.
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    Last edited by Ahmedpsycho; 12-17-2019, 12:31 AM.

    Here the progress with photos and dates




        You have to feed them or they'll grow slow. I'm guessing the potting mix you used didn't have much in the way of nutrients so they're slowly growing because there's not enough food. It looks like they're finding whatever they can but I would suggest either repotting with better soil or adding nutrients so your girls can grow. You should notice a huge difference almost immediately.


          I will try my best regarding that I am having vacation coming week for the 10 days will feed her proper and I will update for more advices and opinions , thanks dear for passing by


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            Any time. Hopefully she turns around for you and ends up being pretty good

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