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    When I water, I wait until plants literally start asking. I'll show you what I mean. Pictures below just before water and an hour or so after. I have 5 in this grow, I wait for the first signs of being dry then water. You can see before and after what I mean
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    Lighting systems:
    600 W HID/HPS
    450 Viparspectra
    4 ft T8 bulb X6

    Grow medium:
    Coco/perlite/soil mix

    Calmag, Alaska 5.1.1, Foxfarms Growbig, Foxfarms big bloom, Foxfarms Tiger bloom, Granny's unsulfured molasses


      I see what ya mean...I noticed my plants drooping a bit before the last watering...given my recent learning experience, I wanted to make sure they were actually needing some water. So, now it's finger in to the first knuckle, lift the pot to check the weight, the leaves for a slight sag.
      Second harvest drying and curing...

      Next grow Pineapple Haze x 4...maybe


      • SoOrbudgal
        SoOrbudgal commented
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        You got this golfnrl I had to overcome my fear of overwater did that a couple times, now I wait an feel the soil lift the pot. Sometimes indoor with mine takes longer to dry with my LEDs.

      • Woodsman67
        Woodsman67 commented
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        When I first started indoors I was using 5 gal buckets with drainage holes, and still managed to overwater. Airpots made it almost impossible to over saturate, I still have to keep myself in check. It's all a learning curve,

      • DingusKhan
        DingusKhan commented
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        I am quite capable of overwatering, even in smart pots and air pot! You can watch me do it on my thread.

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