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Germination step by step

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  • Woodsman67
    I started by cleaning all reused items, setting thermostat to 74 F and assembling items in tray. I fill the water bottle with ph corrected water and add 2 capfulls of Hydrogen peroxide and shake well, and add it to the tray and close it all up. Once the temp is stabilized in the tray I pour some of the water into the shot glass, about half full, and add seeds. I also saturate the paper towel that's in the ceramic saucers. Again close it all up, cover it with towel and wait 18 to 24 hrs then check seeds. Its important to keep it not just warm but consistent temp. I find 74 F perfect setting for this particular thermostat.

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  • Woodsman67
    started a topic Germination step by step

    Germination step by step

    I see alot of folks questioning how to germinate, or how to improve odds of germination and decided to document how I do it and hopefully help someone else. This is my way combining alot of experience and other peoples input over several years.
    List of supplies;
    PH corrected well water
    Reused water bottle
    Hydrogen peroxide
    Shot glass
    2 ceramic saucers
    Paper towel
    Jiffy pot sprouting tray with lid
    Thermostat controlled heated seed mat
    5 Afghan Kush seeds from my breeding collection

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