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fan timing and control with L.E.D.

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    SOIL fan timing and control with L.E.D.

    I find fan useage is really open to options with led as they dont require the cooling vapor lights do.
    i use an electric oil heater on temp control to supplement my heat needs and really only have fan on 15mins/hr approx for air exchange. Fan timing like this does help with cooler avg temp on lights off as leds do add some heat and my heating source is delayed by its nature.

    Another note is using fan on humidity control for new clones recently brought into the room for the first few weeks anyways..

    Anyone else using oddball tactics like i feel i am? What is your setup for heat/humid/fresh air control?

    I leave my fan on 24 hours. Plants like a constant breeze, but not too strong or they'll get "wind burned". Just enough fan to make them dance a little.
    3'x3'x6' Cool Grow Tent and Large Wooden Cabinet
    3 and 5 Gallon Fabric Pots
    Coco Coir with 30% Perlite
    2-450 watt Vipar Spectra LEDs
    4" Exhaust with Vivosun Fan and Carbon Filter
    6" Oscilatting Fan
    GH Flora-Trio Nutes with Cal-Mag and GH Liquid Kool Bloom

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