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    Ok another update all looking good i geuss keep in mind 1st grows in process here we go


      Click image for larger version

Name:	20200110_193317.jpg
Views:	74
Size:	2.26 MB
ID:	364755Click image for larger version

Name:	20200110_193209.jpg
Views:	70
Size:	2.18 MB
ID:	364756


        So these are my outdoor autos at 1mth 3xpinnapple express. 1xamnesia x. 1xmystery. And 2 small clones i didnt want to waste ahaha


          Here are my outdoor pet bagseeds photoperiods 4mths old. Note these and my autos are backyard beutys.


            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200110_193134.jpg
Views:	79
Size:	1.68 MB
ID:	364760Click image for larger version

Name:	20200110_193013.jpg
Views:	59
Size:	1.67 MB
ID:	364761


              Ok last at not least are my 5x bagseed outdoor guerilla grow nz


                Click image for larger version

Name:	20200110_144245.jpg
Views:	76
Size:	3.43 MB
ID:	364764Click image for larger version

Name:	20200110_144258.jpg
Views:	64
Size:	3.07 MB
ID:	364765 so these to are 4mths old outdoor guerilla grow bagseed


                  Here are my last 3x bagseed outdoor guerilla grow 1st pic is only plant that still hasnt sexed yet all others in grow are fems Click image for larger version

Name:	20200110_143644.jpg
Views:	70
Size:	3.39 MB
ID:	364767Click image for larger version

Name:	20200110_144307.jpg
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Size:	3.30 MB
ID:	364768Click image for larger version

Name:	20200110_144333.jpg
Views:	58
Size:	3.42 MB
ID:	364769


                    All your plants are looking pretty good my fave though is the gorilla grows mainly because they almost look naturally there and I’ve honestly never seen weed just growing natural in the wild and I’ve been all over the us..

                    “hey if you reach down and pick up dirt.. which is also called earth.. can you tell people you picked up earth?”


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                      Corogold I really love outdoor grows. Yours in the ground look great. Looking just as healthy as can be.

                    • Rwise
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                      There is a wild patch near me, I cant walk that far, but I would tell where it is for some seed from it! I am in OK,,,

                    Are you planing any low stress training? Or any training on your out door grows? Just curious how that goes with out door grows I’ve only ever done indoor


                      I started off with some lst with my barkyard outdoors but my guerilla grow i find it harder to keep an eye on my guerilla grow and keep in mind these are my 1st grows but ive always been around weed and smoking it since i was 13 im now 31. But my father is a hunter / hippie and has been growing before my day and he yeilds around 50pound a harvest outdoor by himself and hes pretty secretive about what he does but now im older and wiser i can remember going hunting with dad /watering aswell ahahah but he HST his bending branches and alot of pinching but i havnt being growing long do you have any ideas on what youd like to see daskahn because i can dedicate a guerilla grow plant to youre ideas. As yourve been very helpful and takn time to help me with my questions and querys so id be happy to dedicate a plant in my guerilla grow to help youre theorys and i wouldnt mind seeing for myself aswell. If you want pick a plant in this thread and thats do it togeather if youd like we might both benifit from knowledge hopfully positive outcome. Would you like that idea if so tell me which plant number in pics and what type of training and we can make this happen.


                        Thanks daskahn and SoOrbudgal i really appreciate youre guys help and its easy to see that guerilla grow is what people like to see even my freinds and family choose my guerilla grow pics as favourate plants aswell i beleive its because we all can see how the marijuana started off before artificial lighting i used to have so many pics of my dads grows which deep into new zealand bush and its like my guerilla grow in over grown feilds. but his was deep into dark virbrant green bush around buetiful nz ferns and punga trees even some by some of the biggest oldest trees of today which is a kauri tree all of these buetiful natural creations of nz native trees with the famous and infamous marijuana plant just i really wish i still had them they were really spectacular masterpeices they just looked liked well they just looked naturally Real is the simplist way to put it just meant to be there.ahaha


                          Heres some adopted plants my mate just gave me right now they come from indoors im going to guerilla grow them can anyone tell me do i need to harden them to outdoors as youd do with clones im not sure age im geussing 6 to 8 week max il ask him tomorrow but here is some pics


                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200116_005315.jpg
Views:	34
Size:	1.39 MB
ID:	366446Click image for larger version

Name:	20200116_005259.jpg
Views:	39
Size:	1.39 MB
ID:	366445Click image for larger version

Name:	20200116_005249.jpg
Views:	46
Size:	1.33 MB
ID:	366444


                              So there approx 50cm in height. 1 has 10 laterials and 1 has 8 laterials he is unaware of strain they have got hairs so yes beautyfull ladys. They have redish to midnight purple coloured stalks of solar leafs and same coloured veins goin up main stalk is this genetic or is it a problem they look pretty cool. I can definitly tell the differance between these to my outdoors what do yous think about them.any ideas theorys.


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