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    SOIL Impending doom?

    So I’ve had my pal send me a photo through of his bloody skunk this morning and before I worry him, can anyone else see if there’s something wrong?

    Looks like nanners right on top unfortunately. I have a couple plants that hermied too. I plucked as many balls off as I could find and asked a co-worker of mine about it cause they're big ladies and I didn't want to toss them. So we know they will sometimes hermie under stress, right? That said, he told me that usually if you figure out what stressed them out and fix it, they should revert back to flowering with no more nanners and be fine. Just keep an eye on it and if it stops you should be good, but if it gets worse toss it. May end up with a few seeds but I say that's better than losing ounces of good weed.


      Yeah that’s what I thought I had seen, thanks for the second opinion. It’s an auto so nothing to do with lighting. She had some cold stress a few weeks back hopefully that was is it. I’ll pass on the just trim it out advice and hopefully it works


        Yes we have no bananas, but sadly you do. I would seriously think about carefully trimming that unwanted fruit away. Good luck!


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