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Harvest time? 103 days Royal Auto Jack pictures - expert growers' estimation wanted!

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    HELP! Harvest time? 103 days Royal Auto Jack pictures - expert growers' estimation wanted!

    Hey fellow weed fans! It's me again, I've posted again 3 weeks ago, see here: But for reiteration: This is my first grow and I'm aware that mine are not ideal conditions, but I just felt like trying it out: 2 pots, 120 W LED lighting - I did not really get it, it's promoted as comparable to a 1000W lighting, but I doubt so - ( on a roughly 18/6 or 16/8 schedule (yes, I know this much energy would probably suffice for only one plant under perfect circumstances). I do not measure the pH of the soil and I did not want to mess around with too much on the nutrients front.

    So it's day 102 now after germination, growing Royal Jack Auto.

    What's your impression? Should I finally harvest it? I know the buds are not too big and don't expect much (no ideal conditions, light-burn in between, etc.), but are they ripe?

    Thank you, guys!

    They def look milky but cant tell if there is amber in the trichs. I would use a microscope or jewelers loupe to see the trichs better

    Its close and may be up to personal preference so check out the link and see if it is where you want it.


      She looking good !! I hardly ever see any of the old growers commit on that question.Its always " it depends ". And I say it depends. But me I'd start taking her down.
      Focus and relativity.


        There is indeed amber in the trichs. I used a jeweler's loupe to see them as well.

        Thanks for your answers, guys! I'll just take her down, can't be bad or "too low in THC" after 15 weeks, even under non-ideal conditions...


        • Eliot Pryor
          Eliot Pryor commented
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          Until you grow enough for it to actually last 30 days you will never believe the difference cure time makes. (been there,done that)

        • YYCannabis
          YYCannabis commented
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          Last week I took down a plant that was just over 18 wk. Today I started flush 2 more that are now 19 wks. Like you, I’m a new grower... and I did lots of stupid stuff that hurt the plants growth. As others have said, waiting is the hardest part.

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