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Day 83 Royal Auto Jack Yellowing Leaves on Top - Nitrogen / Cal-Mag deficiency?

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    HELP! Day 83 Royal Auto Jack Yellowing Leaves on Top - Nitrogen / Cal-Mag deficiency?

    Hey green fans and fellows! So it's day 83 now after germination, growing Royal Jack Auto.

    This is my first grow and I'm aware that mine are not ideal conditions, but I just felt like trying it out: 2 pots, 120 W LED lighting - I did not really get it, it's promoted as comparable to a 1000W lighting, but I doubt so - ( on a roughly 18/6 or 16/8 schedule (yes, I know this much energy would probably suffice for only one plant under perfect circumstances). I do not measure the pH of the soil and I did not want to mess around with too much on the nutrients front. I've only used Voodoo Juice the first 2 months, and no problems. Then "Big Buds" from Advanced Nutrients. Seemingly, I've used too much of Big Buds and gave one of the plants (the right one) an overdose of potassium, blocking calcium which would explain the calcium deficiency signs (limish/yellow leaves), very flimsy new leaves and overall plant.

    So once I found my plant in that miserable state - roughly 3 weeks ago, but already into the flowering stage - I flushed it and only used 'natural' mineral water to get it back on track. Since, I've only used mineral water. I'd rather get a "stable", but lesser yield than a fucked up / killed plant with no yields at all.

    Q1: Nitrogen/Calcium deficiency

    While most of the symptoms got better, I've still got very, very limish/yellow leaves (also on the top), some even with brown spots. And some of the leaves are curling up. Is it nitrogen deficiency or still calcium deficiency? What do you guys think? Otherwise, the plant is not too "flimsy". I still use only mineral water to not risk anything. Important: leaves that turned yellow become brown on their branch, and the brown color seems to go down the branch if I don't cut the stem of that leave before. The left plant does NOT show these symptoms, only some curling up leaves. The buds

    Q2: Harvest time

    What do you say about the time to harvest? Judging from just the buds, the plant does not look ready yet. I checked the trichomes and they don't look too milky neither. I guess that the bad lighting conditions will have contributed to the slow process, but: I will be on vacation for 10 days starting at the end of this week. While I have a friend who's taking care of my babies, do you think it's realistic they need ~14 more days to be ready? Because I suspect so. It's only the start of week 13 and I've read in many Royal Jack Auto diaries that Week 15/16 seems legit. would welcome your impression based on the pictures.

    Thank you very much in advance, guys! Appreciate your advice.

    ATTENTION: the pictures were recorded when they were a little more droopier than usual, around night time before turning the light off. - Picture 1, showing the "problem" plant on the bottom of the picture, with the yellow leaves clearly visible. - Picture 2, the "okay" plant on the left, problem plant on the right. - Picture 3, the problem plant on the bottom. Visible developing buds.
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    Welcome to the forum ars
    looks like they are almost done, ld do nothing for any deficiency, got any close up pictures? How the tricrome look?
    You're killing me Smalls!


      Thanks for the quick answer and the warm reception, Mr.furley ! 2 pictures respectively of some buds on each plant. The trichomes of the big bud on left 1 do look rather cloudy when magnified. However, the main buds of the right plant look kind of glassy


      • Mr.furley
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        Learn how to easily adjust pH up and down if needed for your cannabis grow. It helps prevent nutrient deficiencies!

      • D.A.A.S.69
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        Same as MrFurley said about the ph meter, and a little nitrogen.
        I'd say 3-4 more weeks,
        Welcome to GWE,
        Nice first grow, for sure, growing is addictive as heroin, but in a good way, lol, you are only gonna get better, and so are your plants.
        Getting busted, really sucks, I hate to hear that .

      • ars
        ars commented
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        Thanks guys for your informed input!

      Looks like light burn to me. I have a similar issue with an LED light. My plant stretched more than expected and I could not keep the light far enough away. The leaves are going yellow all over it. Even so the buds are finishing pretty good. Yours look to be close to finish. Probably less than 2 weeks left. Have a great grow !!
      Focus and relativity.


      • ars
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        At first, I suspected lightburn too, But the thing is: the left plant is not affected at all, and yellow leaves are also below the top leaves. Because I overfed "Big Buds", I concluded a calcium deficiency.

      • Eliot Pryor
        Eliot Pryor commented
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        Mine is in DWC. But on it I'm blaming those 10 watt led's. I have used lower watt led's for 6 years with no problem. I got a 450 watt vipraspector now I'm burning leaves. Grow in peace !!

      What's the thing with lightburn-caused yellow leaves, though, will they recover? I moved the plant away now and it should be fine distance-wise, but the leaves are still yellow of course. When should I cut them off to "help" the plant? Any experiences on that?

      As you can see, they are not really burnt yet, but just turned yellow with curling up tips on some of them...

      Thank you guys in advance!


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