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    Lights for autos

    What is a good light system to use for autos? LEDs or high pressure? Its getting confusing.

    What are your grow space dimensions? Are your autos considered dwarf, short, medium, or tall?
    / \
    3'x3'x6' veg and flowering tent
    2'x3'x4-1/2' tent for somethings else
    HLG 360 Elite QB
    12/12 (5/16/20)
    24/0 (6/20/20)
    1 - bagseed OG 5 gallon fabric (late flower)
    Other seedlings (seedlings)
    Fox Farm Trio nutes
    FF Grow Big foliar spray
    Root Excelurator Gold
    Kellogg Garden Potting soil 60%
    Perlite 40%
    Diatomaceous earth
    Venus flytrap


      Originally posted by Scoot72 View Post
      What is a good light system to use for autos? LEDs or high pressure? Its getting confusing.
      I think you'd be happy with a CMH 315. I grow autos during the winter in my basement that has a low ceiling. The CMH315 is a good fit for this size area, and isn't such an energy hog. I have a grow room in my barn, and a couple of other outbuildings, but I do not want to contend with heating them. The basement is nice and warm, and i have set up a little grow area next to the water softener. Here is a varied selection. The prices appear to be coming down as I paid well over $230 when I bought mine.


      • RagWeedDWC
        RagWeedDWC commented
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        starramus You use Metal Halide for flowering and veg?

      • Farmall
        Farmall commented
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        Amazon is running slow tonight... took 30 seconds for the page to pop up. Mine has a vented hood and was over 300 so in a more open space, those with a self contained ballast are a nice deal. Could almost buy two. And I agree with that Phillips bulb. I waited 2 months for that bulb to arrive and it was near $90.00 and obviously worth it.

      • JohnEmad
        JohnEmad commented
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        Ragweeddwc, I think they are referring to a CMH 315 W light as opposed to just


      RagWeedDWC "You use Metal Halide for flowering and veg?"

      per NebulaHaze "I use a 4100K colored bulb from seed to harvest. There is a 3100K color bulb available, but the only people I’ve heard who say it will make a significant difference are the people who sell them. The top-of-the-line bulb company, Hortilux, doesn’t even offer a 3100K colored version of their LEC/CMH bulbs. Some growers do think you’ll notice a difference by changing out the bulb so that it more closely matches the yellowish light of the Autumn sun, but until I see some evidence that it makes a significant difference, I think most growers would save money and time by sticking with the one bulb all the way through. But if you want to give your plants every possible advantage and don’t mind the cost, you might want to get the 3100k light for the budding stage."


        I have a 315w CMH with the 3100K bulb but I only use it for flowering and it's a horizontal all in one with a small reflector. So while it is pretty intense light, it only lights up a small footprint, was 1.5x the cost of a 400w MH/HPS wing kit (which replaced the CMH) and the bulbs are 3-4x the price of MH/HPS. My CMH has been relegated to back up/ extra duty. I kinda want to try a vertical reflector model CMH but honestly I just want a 600w MH/HPS in the Secret Jardin Daisy reflector and I'll be super happy.


        • starramus
          starramus commented
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          I really like the Hortilux CMH for these reasons: Ceramic HID Technology
          Exclusive EYE Hortilux Spectrum
          50% more UV than competition
          Made in the USA and designed for plant growth.
          Higher YPF than competition
          However it is only for base up vertical mounting, and even more so the reviews rate it not much better than the el cheapo lamps.

        Any light system that is recommended for photos is also good for autos. There is a difference in how the plant grows in different lights. For example, HPS tends to promote stretching between the nodes where as CMH does not. I have MH/HPS in one tent and the CMH (4100k) bulb in the other. The CMH bulb is more full spectrum (more like sunlight) and im getting great results on my first grow. Like starramus i have used only one bulb and am about a week or two from harvest. The buds are denser and more compact and way more resinous than my HPS.

        I have not used led's so i cant comment on those but many have also had great success with those as well.


        • Farmall
          Farmall commented
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          The 2nd photo looks like a marching band all in step !

        I've used my 315cmh for quite a few grows, and it does a nice job.
        But I'm really liking the quantum boards, like from HLG, very efficient, plus hardly any heat at all.
        Cfls for a week or two
        315lec for everything else
        Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
        36x36x63 inch tent.
        6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
        Smart pots


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