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90F and 30% RH for 12 hours

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    90F and 30% RH for 12 hours

    I’m an idiot. It’s been getting cold here, down to 68 at night even with the LEC on, so I figured it was space heater time. Well, I ran it all day yesterday about 4 feet from one of my tent openings. Barely saw the temps shift after 12+ hours. So, I moved it up next to my tent... and then promptly forgot to look at temps again until this morning.
    Turns out my tent has been at almost 90F and 30% RH all night! Fuck!!!
    I obviously corrected the situation and things are currently approaching normal, but how much damage may I have done? I’ve got two girls almost ready to chop and 7 sprouts/seedlings.
    Oh, and I grow in soil (3g smart pots). Everybody had just been watered the night before.
    So how much damage did I do? They LOOK ok, but who knows? Should I be watching for hermies?
    Gorilla 3x3
    LEC 315
    Kind Soil
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    Honestly, you should be fine. I was running a grow at over 90F up to about 105F and it was fine, just had to pay more attention to my roots since I was doing hydro. Most regions in the world get over 90F in the summer so the plant is naturally able to handle higher temperatures. That said, the lower recommended temperatures are just what they grow best in. Hope that helps


    • s62
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      Helps a ton, thank you!

    • dphipps1020
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      Any time

    Did that once before sort of, had my light on in my tent with no cooling and temps hit 91. Didn’t suffer any ill effects that I could tell.
    4’x4’x6 1/2’ tent, Nextlight Mega, Roots Organics 707 soil in 5 gallon square plastic planters, GH Flora Series Performance Pack nutes alternated with Fish Sh!t in RO water


      It's nothing to really worry about, it happens to me more than I'd like to admit but I live in a place where the climate changes constantly so it's a pain to try to keep everything in ideal conditions all the time. Mine usually gets real close to 90 on the warm days lately which has been about 3 days a week and down to 65 or even 60 almost every night here lately in the flower tent. No major problems so far.


        Morning 62, I've had that happen a couple of times, maybe nothing bad,but I've had in 2days time buds look like something from Mars, wild looking knots, foxtails, you name it show up, no hermies though,these are autos I'm talking about, these were ready to harvest too,
        I don't think autos ,like alot of heat, especially at harvest time. But you should be fine, just maybe some wild looking buds, but that's fine too, lol
        Its all good, I like them wild looking buds, what I don't like is harvesting early,
        Your doing a good job, I can't wait to see some more pictures, them big pretty buds, is prettier than any flower that I know that grows, even roses.
        Cfls for a week or two
        315lec for everything else
        Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
        36x36x63 inch tent.
        6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
        Smart pots


        • s62
          s62 commented
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          In what ways, daas? My girls ended up looking ok, but I’m curious what sort of changes one might see? They’re already losing most of their leaves and changing color.

        • D.A.A.S.69
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          Hey 62, I've never had mine to get to 90degrees, I've had them show big knots and foxtails, in 2days, from just a little over 80degrees, say 82-84degrees max, but they were ready to harvest anyway, it didn't hurt anything, just gave them character, lol
          They smoked fine.
          Imo, 65-68temperature is perfect for the last week or two.,30-40 percent humidity.

        • s62
          s62 commented
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          That’s where I was, actually, but I figured it wasn’t good for the sprouts and seedlings, so I’ve adjusted it to be a bit warmer and a bit more humid.

        I think you'll be fine s62 i had a week or two of 90+ degrees and low humidity in my garage this past summer..had a good amount of air flow though. i didnt notice any real difference in the girls other than having to water them more often.
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        Lost Coast Plant Therapy(pest control)
        True North Seed Bank seeds
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        Black Amnesia photo
        Cinderella 99 photo
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        • s62
          s62 commented
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          Yeah, at the least I had good airflow, if not temps and humidity.

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