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Importance of cycling air during seedling stage

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    Importance of cycling air during seedling stage

    Hi guys, I would like to know how important is to cycle the air in a grow tent during the seedling stage?

    I'm trying to keep my tent in optimum conditions for seedling with a temperature of bout 73-77F, relative humidity of 68-72% for a VPD of about 0.6-0.8.

    With such a high RH, my humidifier plugged on an external humidistat is almost running constantly and I need to refill it twice a day. My exhaust fan is programmed to run when the RH goes above 72%. In my current conditions, my exhaust fan runs for about 30 seconds and off for about 45-60 seconds while the humidity goes back from 67 to 72%.

    I do have a 6" oscillating fan running to move the air around. Since my seedling are barely using any CO2 and I have one 6" x 18" air intake port open in the tent, I was wondering if it's even worth it to run my exhaust fan?

    mmxk I'm in the same place with my seedlings right now; I have a humidifier going and a small heater in the grow room. I keep the fan going in my grow box to keep the air moving.
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      I would definitely keep small fans on your plants , when I'm forcing the sex of a regular seed I use a tote to cover the seedlings to have near 100% humidity this is only for a week but it has not hurt them ,so I think you can leave it closed except when you are working on them
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        I just cut a water bottle in half and put it over the seedlings to increase humidity. I never turn off exhaust fan and i dont worry about humidity until flower where it can cause issues. I keep seeing things about VPD but never have i payed attention to it. I've had seedlings grow fine in 30% rh.


        • alltatup
          alltatup commented
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          What's VPD?

        • Tersky
          Tersky commented
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          It stands for "Vapor Pressure Deficit"
          It is basically another way to look at humidity except it takes temperature and air saturation into account. If i were doing large scale commercial agriculture then i might pay attention to it but for small scale grows like we do then rh is adequate.

        • oldjarhead100
          oldjarhead100 commented
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          good idea plastic bottles ,I went with a turned over tote for forcing sex and I use a tall pollination tray for clones

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