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CBD dilemma

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    CBD dilemma

    This may not be the most suitable question for the forum but honestly, I really don’t stray far from the forum have have a load of confidence in the friends I have here so, here it goes.

    My sister uses CBD for sleep and anxiety about whether or not she will get a good nights sleep. Safe to say she does not sleep. She started buying the commercial extra strength oil from CHarlotte’s web and thought it worked. It was over $175 a bottle. And not sustainable. I decided to read a ton and I do mean a ton of stuff about making your own CBD oil and tried several “recipes”. Looks and tastes the same to me. She does not think it works as well.
    i bought 1/2 lb of CBD shake from black-tie and an ounce of flower from them also. Double decarbed each in the Ardent Nova, their lab test shows 21% CBD and <.3THC. Infused the stuff in coconut oil one in mct oil by Using all of the accepted infusion techniques.Based on all of the dosage calculators on line and based on that 21%, this should infuse at about 60mg of CBD / teaspoon. I should add, she is not a smoker AT ALL so oil is the only way, so far. Maybe I should do tincture and then extraction?

    my thoughts are : just do cannabis instead but she gets randomly tested. Any ideas on what I am not doing right?

    First mention would be about the reliability of your CBD source? Did at any point in you process your product get heated above 266f?
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    • Mr.furley
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      This is a big subject Farmall
      I can find no definite answer on the decarboxylation process of CBDA to CBD and like you I have been doing a lot of reading till my brain hurts about this, Maybe we can "hash" this out abit.

      Here is what I got for you

      1). From what I can find on the subject 245f-266f for 60 to 90 mins is sounding like the numbers for altering CBDA so I was interested in if the Nova is getting hot enough to be effective on CBDA. CBD is only 6% bioavailable from ingestion, 12% to 50% through smoking and that Vapor point is 329f. CBE ( degraded CBD)
      Is only theorized at 385f.

      2). I would be aware of CBD being beneficial for anxiety and anti-inflammatory but the sleep part has me stumped. My understanding is that the sleepy aspects of cannabis come more for CBN which is the degradation of THC, Charlotte's Web is <1% thc so there is some THC that may have been converted.

      3) No first hand experience but I am hearing story's of peeps failing Wiz Quiz with CBD products that are "testing" <.3%

      I'm most likely just high and making stuff up at this point but maybe this can get the ball rolling.

    • kingfish
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      Mr.furley, as you know, I just started dabbing in Tincture and the biggest issue I've run into is finding a heat source that keeps a correct temperature. I have found that the oven is lying as much as 40 degrees. So trying to decarboxelate my buds properly is sometimes a real pain in the ass.

    • Mr.furley
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      You're liking that Tincture eh, me too lol. Have you made anymore candys? I'm getting ready to fire up the old candy factory again.
      Decarboxylation is a big P.I.T.A. with just conventional kitchen equipment, it is not design to go low and slow. Some ovens I have used had a low setting of 275f and for most purposes i am looking for 225f as to not lose CBG but still convert THCA to THC. a good oven thermometer is ones best bet.
      That Ardent Nova looks cool for Decarbing I just questions it heat range for multiple function.

    So you infused the cbd shake without extracting the oil first? That’s probably where you went wrong. I am no expert, but I believe you need to extract the oil into a tincture first. Then you can infuse into final product. My 2 cents.
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      At this moment I cannot give an accurate answer but we are working on perfecting the process of making things with cbd. When I have the method down I will tell you my adventures.

      As far as sleep goes try reading this:
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        Spidermite kingfish Mr.furley Toker1
        Thank you all for your research and help... I’ve got a bit more experimenting, clearly. I’ll let you know where I wind up....


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