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Making caps and balms

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    Making caps and balms

    Ok first time making caps with really good cbd bud. Excited to see if they work as well as smoking the CBD flower. Unlike most cbd flower this actually works. We will see and hope it works as I used well over a pound.

    Also making my first salves out of extremely strong bud. In the process of decarboxylating now. This is full thc bud.

    Cant wait to see if they help as I'm falling apart from playing to hard in my life.

    I am happy to hear you have found something that works for you, that alone can be a process.


      Do you decarb the cbd weed before you make capsules?
      It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

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        is cbd bioavailable through eating ?


          Howdy Spidermite, I have been making caps for the last two years. First, I made DIH and capped it, but being a cheap S.O.B., I started just grinding up the bud (minus the big stemmage), baking it, and capping it. I do the same thing with the trim as well. The trim caps seem to work better fro Me during the day (I read somewhere that the leaf had a higher ratio of CBD to THC than the buds do and that seems to work well for My arthritis. The caps do take a little longer to take affect (depends on whether they are taken before or after a meal, but the affect does last longer.
          Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


            Yes you decarb cbd before eating. The time and temp to decarb cbd is in debate. I always have caps, salves, cookies, smoke,and dabs. This is my first run of cbd caps. Illmet you know how they go.


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