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    long train runnin

    am in 3 gallon pot,soil 14 weeks from seed was feeding ff twice a week quit last week but they looked like this for 3 weeks. northern lights ,plants look sick so i bought a soil ph tester,lo n behold ph at 7.5.all trichomes cloudy but no amber.. buds are butt ass plump n sticky should i just harvest em. they keep breaking off n hanging.

    The plant looks like it’s on its last legs but the buds look really nice and the trichs look cloudy( pics are hard to see clearly but). I have had this before and it’s not pretty but you’ve come this far, you could harvest some as your within the ‘window’.

    Are these auto flowers? I had 2 autos like this and they changed enough one day to the next that I was glad that I’d left them alone to mature further.

    i would clean it up and remove the dead foliage


      I just chopped a plant that looked the same, except it happened way earlier in it's life so my buds were smaller. I believe the diagnosis was nute burn/overwatering combined with possible light burn. Anyway it never recovered unfortunately. It was a bag seed strain. All I know is it looked bad. The small buds still had plenty of trichs and sugar. Couldn't take it anymore, put her out of her misery. If I were you, I'd wait a few days. Maybe even a week, if nothing changes, or like in my case gets worse, def harvest.


        Cut all that died stuff off the plant, you're going to be doing it anyhow.
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          Yep i'd smoke that ! Looks ready remove all dead leaves and hang that lady. Good job!
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