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    COCO COIR Totally Organic In Coco

    Hello growers,
    Have not posted for a while.

    So Here is my current situation:
    My first objective is to grow in coco 100% organic.
    The method I use is watering from bottom.
    Pot size: 4 liters
    Bottom container size: 1 liter

    ​​​Firs attempt was mixing only coco perlite (70/30)
    Seed successfully germinated and opened first set of leaves. (without adding any nutrients)
    After all this I added some local fully organic fertilizer.
    As it says it contains NPK + micro nutrients.
    However ppm before and after adding this organic nutrient is 178 (it does not change at all)
    After 3-4 days nothing happened
    Than I re adjasted Ph of bottom container (about) 5.9 but still nothing, eventually plant stopped the grows and died.

    Second attempt was mixsing coco-peat-perlite (60-30-10)
    with same growing method and now I see some nice and fast leaf development. however I think that "energy" of peat wont last longer and in late veg it will require some additional nutrients.


    1. Why organic nutrient does not raise the ppm level
    2. Can you advise some organic feeding for coco

    I know the brands like GH and AN produce nutrients specially for coco, but I want to feed them with some traditional nutrients. Like compost tea etc.

    Thanks In advance


    I use age old organics ,did you charge your coco with cal/mag I use canna coco because when I make it takes 5 gallons of water so mix up a double strength solution and add it to the coco. after that you shouldn't have any more problems,just remember coco does not have any nutes at all so you have to give it to the girls .when I plant a seedling in a root riot I add some voodoo juice to my water ,then when I plant in coco I add grow and voodoo juice for 2 weeks then I stop the voodoo , from then on I will give an increase in each watering until I see a little burn then back off
    new grow room built summer of 2017 ,argo max tent for veging ,big kahuna reflector, 1000hps with added leds for the full spectrum . 15th indoor grow ,5 years outside gorilla grows(stealth is the key),veg under t5s growing autos under 300w leds
    current grow


      this is how i understand this: first of all, a fully organic system means you have live bacteria and fungi living in the soil, you feed organic products to this bacteria and the byproducts of their metabolism feed the plant. the plant itself cannot feed from the compost tea, only the soil itself (and the life within it) get fed. so when you have a coco based system where you dont have this food chain you have to provide nutrients that the plant can directly absorb without being processed first by another organism. this means what you look for running organic coco is hydroponic nutrients derived and/or isolated from organic sources. this is exactly what general organics and many other organic hydroponic nutrient companies do, if you buy or diy organic nutrients for soil the plant wont have access to the nutrition.

      also a ppm/tds meter measures electro conductivity, many sugars and big carbonated molecules make for a poor conductivity, meaning if you are not using mineral hydroponic nutrients your ppm meter will not be needed


        Watering from the bottom?


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