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A thunderstorm wounded Wonder Woman!

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    HELP! A thunderstorm wounded Wonder Woman!

    This is partially my doing, perhaps mostly. My big girl was quadlined early and about 9ft tall. I've done heavy lollipopping to avoid bud rot. Yesterday, I did some final defoliation and adjusted my tie downs to open her up just a bit to let more light and air it and crack, split the arm a bit at the bottom. It was too bad, so I loosened it back up, splinted it and tied it, thinking it would be ok. Some big thunderstorms came through all night and I woke up to the damage. The split originally started at 12 and 3 in the first picture. There was a pumpkin vine that grew up the plant on one side, and back down on the side that split, with a tennis ball size pumpkin hanging 3ft off the ground, with the whole vine support by the plant. My wife wouldn't allow me to cut it : ) In hindsight, I should've chopped the 2 split arms off, and the pumpkin (or at least just the pumpkin vine, since it was a decent amount of weight as I discovered). This would've preserved one more arm. Now I'm down 3 of 8, on the sunny side of the plant.

    SO! I chopped off the 3 and now have a decent wound there. Anything I should put on it to help her heal or should it be alright on its own?
    2 x 4 x 5 grow tent
    6" inline fan w/ carbon filter (passive air intake)
    Two 6 fans in tent for airflow
    260w Niemi LED w/ LM301H

    Personally I probably would have tried to duct tape it before I chopped it off to see if it still grew, but duct tape should work well to protect the wound until it heals


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      Editing a comment
      I was tempted, but this one is going to go until early November by the looks of it and I was already expecting a total loss or mostly due to bud rot and being too large to cover. Also with the limbs being so long and top heavy, I didn't want them to possibly snap the string and break the other good arms. I saved some to try to dry but it will probably be for edibles. Duct tape on the wound is what I have going so far. Thanks!

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