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Did I kill my plants??

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    HELP! Did I kill my plants??

    Hi all!

    So 4 days ago I had to change soil because I had wrong one (bad drainage). So I took them out of the pot, gently shaked the soil from the roots, spreaded them and covered with soil. They got 100ml water with Regen-Root and Wilt Guard (1ml/L). Since then they didn't grow anything, the bottom leave started to wilt. Any idea what happened? Are they just in stress and need some more time to recover or did I just killed my girls?

    They look ok from here, it takes a few days to overcome transplant shock, there heads are up thats a good sign.


      You will be fine- they are nice looking seedlings-
      Just do not stress them with light/temperature for a few days and they will start growing again!
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        As the other two said, they look fine. They may droop for a day or two, but keep an eye on them. Also Increase your RH%. Seedling/Veg enjoy the moisture, make sure the RH% is brought back down after you switch to flower however, wouldn't want you to get bud rot or another issue!

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