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    Golden leaf from ILGM
    Blueberry from Sensi Seeds
    4×4×8 tent
    1500 watt led
    3 gal. Fabric pots
    Fox Farm Trio
    Fox Farm potting soil/coco coir
    . Currently 16 days into flower with nice pre- flower . No special tricks other than fimming at the 5th node. Also have 4 W.W. Autos in a 3×3×6 ft tent. At 6 weeks I accidentally sprayed with a concentrated organic bug spray to fight off a Aphid infestation. Let's just say there not dead yet. Will update there progress. Worried about health issue. Anybody with suggestions on how I can rid them completely of bug spray. Removed all fan leaves to get rid of heavy hay smell . Buds are beginning to revive with some new pistils. Golden leaf is 43" tall and growing like a Sativa yet supposed to be 70% Indica. One thing I have learned in the past 4 years of steady growing is no 1 plant is the same regardless.

    Dang I liked the read up on that Gold leaf, but too am more into the predominant indicas. Diamascus earth on top of soil helps, it's a powdery bug snuffer. Also very fine layer of sand I've seen used. Agreed with no 1 plant is the same, makes for a more challenging grow LOL Take care


      Have a bag of the Diamascus earth. Love that stuff. I used a layer of river sand on some babies and had a bad result. Serious curl. Removed it asap and went with the D.E.. I suppose my babies at 9 days were not ready for whatever was in the sand. I've grown at the river for years by throwing bag seeds out with decent results. Of course I couldn't tend to them like I wanted. I grew a 21ft plant that was no more than 10"'s round. It was spotted by a neighbor so I cut it down before it flowered and it was pretty good smoke considering of course it was the 70's. Above average for the times. My old lady loves to use bag seeds when she can find them. She gets lucky occasionally. She plans on keeping her males next grow so she can pollinate her girls in Hope's to generate her own seeds. Me I buy the best fem's and Autos.I can find. The Autos are actually rebounding after a week. Give them another week and see if the trichomes continue to grow. I used to Defoliate but yields dropped so now I clean only when necessary. So do u defoliate and if so any tips on the best way to do so?


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        I use to have a film container full of old bag seeds. Grew out last of them and haven't had any seeds cause I buy fems also now and last couple years. I've not had a plant grow more than 10ft cause i'm in Oregon and it's raining now to beat the friggin band. Just left Rogue River early today do to no fish yet up river (salmon) but man the fields of weed both rec. and hemp is huge there now. I saw weed 12ft. or more no kidding fences were not high enough.
        But me and my hubby can't move large pots like we use to and I don't go into the forest any more to grow just at our home. My largest containers are 30gal. I can get a larger plant from that but....I gotta bend it way down to drag them into a 10ft. high greenhouse and can only fit 2 of those safetly in there and it's got 2 now. My others are under a ezup canopy and it's looking like i'm heading into mold city. It's the price for out here. Some seasons are rain free till end of sept. but this year were getting hammered.
        I do defoliate do to this reason. I'm 6wks into flowering was going OK now it's a crap shoot. Suppose to have 3 days of rain then dry. Just looking bad right now for us not having shelter for these plants. I generally defoliate 3wks then now during flowering just cause of humidity and rain. I hope you have good luck man and glad to hear your gal is into it also. My hubby does help me move them but i'm the gardener Peace and good growing.

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