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please help a newbee resolve an issue

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    please help a newbee resolve an issue

    this is my first time growing these girls
    my plants are doing so great that i have people asking what did i do to get the plants so big
    well , here is my problem that i need you pros tp help me with
    attached you will see these girls in full glory about 13.5 feet tall, i did planted them to close to each other ,i know that but next time they will get more room.
    please see the pictures in this post.
    one of the girls is having some kind of a problem with yellowing on the leaves and i dont know what it is or what to do about it to make this plant smile.
    these girls are planted in the same dirt as the other 3 plants but only one got the yellowing on the leaves NOT all the leaves but on some only .
    pleave look at the pictures the one with the problem is the girl from Left to right .
    please help .
    Thanks for your time and help
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    sorry i uploaded the pictures but i dont know where they went ??


      here they are
      Attached Files


      • SoOrbudgal
        SoOrbudgal commented
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        Shitballs LOL

      I’m an inside grower, but the last picture is showing Potassium (K) deficiency.
      It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

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        thanks Weed Pharma i will try to resolve that issue


          WOW atony that's one awesome hedge. Are you going to thin it or lollipop? I'd say you are an overachiver you got what most growers dream of. Get ready for heavy, got support?
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          • MeestaFeesha
            MeestaFeesha commented
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            😳, not kidding when you say people wanna know what you did! 🤘😎. I'd like to know as well what your plan will be

          Fuckin’ A, those are some truly gargantuan plants! Good for you! Harvest is going to be heavy...
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            been way for too long
            heres what i did
            i replaced the dirt all i know about it is that its some black dirt mixed with compost (from a seller)
            apart from this
            well the dirt was mixed with a basket full of worms and about 100 litters of fish from my friend fish store (fish after clean up)
            and that is what i did
            Harvesting well 2+ days per plant and it was fun


            • SoOrbudgal
              SoOrbudgal commented
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              Way to grow atony heck of a harvest your going to get, great job.

            • s62
              s62 commented
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              What did your yield come out on average per plant?

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