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First do you keep hanging weight even?

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    First do you keep hanging weight even?

    I think I have my scrubber/fan mounted about as well as could be expected. My problem is the light. I have a 3x3x6 and it comes with three cross pieces for overhead. The light (LED) of course has 4 mounting spots and hangers to go to a central carabiner which makes it want to swivel. It also won't get high enough in the event I get a stretchy plant. So, two questions really...

    1) Do I use the rig as provided or get 4 ratchets to utilize. I currently have enough but if that is correct it leads to...
    2) How do you keep those cross members sitting tight? They tend to slide where they want to be as opposed to where I want them to be.

    I'm grabbing some zip-ties and I know there is a pattern to use to cross them over themselves to lock in for this type of application but I'm afraid that is a skill from a long distant past. Are there other methods? Tape? Metal screws?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi OlderNOTWiser...I had kind of the same question. For my first grow I haven't used anything to keep the cross members from moving around. The weight of the light and fan seemed to take care of that for me. But your idea of using zip ties should work. Experiment a little with them and you should be fine. I'm running a HLG V2 LED 4k light. It has the same kind of hanging set up as you have described. When my girls started their flower stretch I removed the wire hangers from the light board and went with zip ties. I was able to get the light really close to the top of the tent and I like the stability of that set up. Good luck...let us know how it goes.
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      On my tent, the crossbars don’t slide easily at all. Kinda the opposite problem. Plus they’re 8’ tall, so I have to jump to move them lol. They definitely don’t move of their own accord.
      Problem I've found with zip ties is that they like to slide along cylinders. Hard to zip them tight enough to stay put.
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        Got it sorted, thanks! Had to get the light attachment worked out. Now one of three cross pieces slide but stay when I put a load on them.


          I ran my ratchet string from the edge of the frame and over one of the crossbars and had the same issue. What I did was simply to zip tie the 2 cross bars together at a width that is the same as the corner mounts on the light fixture. Used multiple zips for strength, maybe 5 or so, along the length of the bars.
          My only challenge now is getting my circulation fan to be where I want it to
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