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    HELP! Need experienced knowledge please

    Hi folks,

    so from what what I was understanding and from opinions on a previous post, I had about 2 weeks left before harvest.
    i looked through the glass today and the pictures attached are what I see. (Not great I know, the glass is scratched)
    My concern and question is as follows...

    From reading GWE my understanding is that the amber colour starting to show up in my trichomes is the couch hugging stage. I don’t want this type of high.

    But some of the others still look like clear trichomes to me.

    can someone with experience please tell me if it’s ok to be seeing the odd amber coloured one at the same time as clear and some cloudy.

    Im struggling with this part of the grow and knowing when to harvest to achieve the less paralysing high.

    thank you in advance for your wisdom and knowledge :-)

    I begin water only - once I see amber and watch the progression of ambers until I get- the 10% ambers I want. I don't like "couch lock".

    There is always a mixture of clear/cloudy/amber at any given moment, as your plant continues to produce new growth.

    You are doing fine and can begin plain water until you harvest. I would give it about a week to grow bigger and get a couple of more amber trichomes.

    This assures you get the most yield, which often happens at the end, but technically your harvest window has begun.

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      Use the trichomes on the bud to tell you when ready for harvest. Don’t use the sugar leaves to tell you. I don’t like couchlock weed either, so I harvested when my top colas were ready. I had more amber than I wanted on my sugar leaves, but less on the buds. There were still a few clear ones, but for the most part, it was all cloudy.
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