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Pests? Leaf problems

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    HELP! Pests? Leaf problems

    Hey everybody. Did a little trimming of fan leaves. Plants are only 2 months from breaking ground. Is it too early to trim them?? some of the fans were blocking the underneath (i guess sugar) leaves. The nodes have two branches coming out. The bottom is the fan and the top branch i call the sugar leaves. Worried about possible pest but so far only one plant. Did not see any caterpillar but saw a tiny tiny black dot under the leaf. Much smaller than the adult fungus gnats (got a fungus gnat problem, btw). It may have been a speck of dirt but it seemed like it jumped away. Maybe it was just dirt but it seemed to be way too small to cause the leaf damage. Did drop a light on one of the plants last week. So the brown damage may be due to the hot cfl bulb. But i only remember seeing one leaf with the damage and then today i noticed another. So i am thinking pests. The other fan leafs show signs of yellowing. The sugar leafs underneath were growing up into the fan leafs and starting to wilt, due to lack of light. Appreciate any feedback on these. Btw took my first clone cuttings ever today! So stoked. Hope these turn out ok. Will upload more photos momentarily.



      Probably PH is off causing those issues. My guess is the larger circular missing leaf section is from the cfl.
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