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HELP plants dying at alarming rate

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    SOIL HELP plants dying at alarming rate

    I’m a newbie grower, My plants are dying very quickly, I’ve lost about 10 now and need help. I’ve tried so many things including flushing with ph 7 water. Nothing seems to work.
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    What part of the world are you


      I'm a newby 1st year growing but my guess is a fungus but like I said I'm new at this. Have you checked out the sites diagnose your plant area maybe that will help. so sorry i can't help.


        Your plants look hungry and over watered, have you checked for bugs?
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          Sure looks like a root issue to me bugs, over water?
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            could be root aphids


              It looks like you growimg in wild and other plants and insects around and humidity are killing it...find better location..


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