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Need to germinate autos?

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    Need to germinate autos?

    A little confused on this point. Followed @WeedPharma KISS grows, but they’ve got germ bags and I don’t (yet). So I’m wondering if I need to germinate in a cup of water/paper towel first, or if I can just put the seeds in my 3-gallon pots directly. Base media is Coco Loco with KindSoil at bottom.
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    The germ bags help with retaining moisture without getting too wet during the very sensitive germination/seedling phase and the germbags help with overwatering by wicking excess to the surrounding pot.
    The germbags, also provide better oxygen to the roots - you use different heights for the germbags and soil.

    You can direct plant the seeds- but it's very easy to over water.
    My gf has planted directly and add between 4-6 ounces of water and not touch it again until it sprouts. (use a shot glass (dome) etc to keep soil moist and remove immediately when you see it sprout)
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