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    HELP! Dying leaves

    This Alaskan Purple is 4 weeks into flowering . Ever since flowering started, about a dozen leaves a day turn yellow and fall off. I am growing in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, and have been using the Fox Farm nutrients throughout the grow following their calendar for feeding.
    her sister looks great with the same exact medium and nutes. Growing outdoors, but no signs of pests. PH of soil and water is between 6.5 and 7.0 Any advice?

    Look in the soil for very tiny almost microscopic bugs in or near root ball. Just a suggestion.


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      On second look check soil for root aphids. Plant looks like it is affected by root aphids. I hope not. Wet root ball then look very close with some magnification if possible. If you see a bunch of them there is no cure.

    they are over grown and prob lucky get half oz .A good prune or haircut


      Thank you. I'll take a look.


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