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    HELP! Lights

    I have been running for about 2 1/4 years the same lights. I thought when they burned out you got new ones. The store where I buy my supplies from said that I should be changing them once a year, because of the color spectrum. Is this true or do you wait til the light burns out?

    Depending on the brand of light. I run a hortilux hps and I get 3 grows from start to finish out of it. My understanding is after a year of use you will lose approx 30% of your lights strength.


      i usually get three grows from my light for flowering A sodium lamp ,so say every year i buy a new sodium light ,,,but i have used a same light for two years and really i never noticed any difference in yields ,,mac,


        What type of lights and wattage are you running?
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        • Elizabeth
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          Emperor, 1000 HPS

        Elizabeth Your HPS bulb will degrade by less than 10% in about 8000 hours of use based on Sylvania (inexpensive lamp) data. Lighting is never my limiting factor with my 1000W dimmable / convertible, so I don't sweat the loss of lumens, but some would.
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        - Humboldt Fem Blue Dream Clones
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