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Seed in autoflower plants

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    Seed in autoflower plants

    Why are my feminized autoflower plants producing seeds. I was very pleased with the plants that I harvested. But there were alot of seeds. Does anybody know why? And will the seeds be good for next years crop?

    Welcome to GWE.
    Pollen has found its way in, maybe 1 of them hermied, have pics? 1 could have been a male.
    The seed may produce more hermies.
    Where did the seed come from? And what strain/s?
    Growing conditions etc..
    If the pollen came from a female the seed will be female, if it came from a male they will be regular seed.


    • allenrick62
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      Purchased my seeds thru GYO seed bank. All of the seeds were supposed to be feminized. The strains were White Widow and Flash Babylon. Grew outdoors on a balcony. Plenty of sun, a little hotter than I would have liked. Have plenty of pics but don't know how to post them with my comment. This is my first grow and I probably made some mistakes. I am happy with the results. Really curious about the seed though. My other plants don't appear to have any. They are not autoflowers.Thanks for your help!
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    Save your seeds and allow them to dry properly for a few months- then plant 10 of them and see what your germination rate is- then decide if it is a viable option to use in next years crop.
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    • s62
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      So seeds need to cure/dry before they are used?

    • Weed Pharma
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      No, they can be planted right away, however I dry for. a month before planting/storage.

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