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    HELP! Run off water ph

    Hi..some of my plants are yellowing on the edge of the leafs and I tested the ph of the run off water and its 7.8 right after I watered them with ph 6.5,should I water them with 5.5ph so the ph could drop do 6.8 or something?
    They are now in day 14 since i transfer them into those pots
    Thank you

    Those little babys are not large enough to require runoff yet, my guess is over watering. Let em dry out a few days then just a few oz. in a circle around them


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      I give it 3 or 4 days ( when the pots feel light) and water them with 250ml of water each.. And ph after watering is 7.8 is that normal?

    Agreed they are to young for such a big watering.
    what kind of soil is that?​​​​​​​


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