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Plants are growing slow

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    HELP! Plants are growing slow

    Hi.. First time grower here..
    I am growing two strains: Special queen and critical 5 each under 2 1000w led light for veg/bloom about 40cm from the plant. They don't look yellow but I think they are growing slow..
    Humidity always between 50% and 62% (using dehumidifier so it won't past 62)
    Temperatures between 28(max) and 21°C
    Cycle of light 18/6
    Im watering with water+nutrients and the room has a good ventilation PH 6.5 to 6.8

    ​​BTW can i upload some photos? First time here
    Thank you
    Edit: upload some photos of the plants, what im mixing with the water and the soil I'm using mixed with perlite..the plants are 10 days of veg
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    Yes upload photos by pressing on the top left button in the post box that looks like a camera.


    • nOtH1nG
      nOtH1nG commented
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      Uploaded the photos

    Seedlings are not needing excessive nutrients, or excessive lighting right off the bat. They're a bit fragile compared to a developed plant. I would wait a little longer before administering nutrients in your water.

    It seems you've done your research, and are on the right track! I had to convert your cm to in, and I would also suggest that you double the distance of your lights, from 40cm to 80cm[76cm] (15in to roughly 30in).

    Just a little photo tip here: When taking pictures of the grow room/area, the lights can make it tricky to see (especially true with LED's). So, as you go to snap that shot, if you kill the LED and use flash (or other supplemental lighting) your picture will be much more clear.
    Meesta's Grow



      I will try that and I will upload the photos with lights off..
      Thanks for the advice


      • MeestaFeesha
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        Righton, bud! Looks like Portuguese to me, soy guero en California, solo puedo hablar español 🤦‍♂️, my sister on the other hand...

      Uploaded the photos with lights off


      • MeestaFeesha
        MeestaFeesha commented
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        They look healthy! Patience friend, 🤘😋. They're stretching out their roots in those pots, should pick up more speed as they grow more leafs to support more photosynthesis.

      Good to know ill be giving feedback in a few days, thank you for the help ( already put the lights a little bit higher, about 65cm, 25in xd)


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