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    problem with plants

    hi all does anyone know what the problem is with 2 of my plants they are grown in bat mix (the silver bags) i use avanced nutrients sensi bloom i give them 3ml per 1L the bottle says 4ml the big bud 2ml i just started giving them the big bud im hand watering them im using 250w hps i dont think they are being over watered i have a run off about 20% of water the ph is 6.0 to 6.1 i feed and water every 3ish days i think ive covered everything if you need anymore info ill add it.
    thanks neil.

    It can be few reasons 250watts isnt a lot


      250w is enough just not a lot. I have a tent with 250w and can pull off a decent harvest, just not as much. It could be several things. It could be potassium, copper or magnesium deficiency or ph issues check out this link to get a better idea. I dont know enough about your nutrients to comment on that.

      It could also be nute lock and a good ph plain watering might help. Maybe aim for 6.5 ph if you are in soil?
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        hi tersky it looks very much like a magnesium deficiency looking at the leaves on my plant to the one on the growweedeasy symptom pictures ive just given them some calmag so ill give it a week or so then well see if its right thanks very much for the thread and advice

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