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    HELP! General questions

    I have read many posts about watering schedules, most of which mention 5 - 7 days apart. My plants seem to need water about every 3 days. Could this be because I am using fabric pots? Also, should I add nutes to each watering?


    I feed (water with nutrients added) every other watering. I'm in fabric pots as well, I'm at every other day at this point in the heat. Due to the heat, and my work schedule, the plants have been letting me know when I get home that it's time to water. All a bit droopy this afternoon, where they were very perky this morning.

    *As for every 5-7days, I'm not quite sure I could understand a situation where that could be the schedule. At most, I think I made it 4-5days after my last transplant. After which, it has decreased to the routine now.*
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      I agree with Meesta. I do fabric pots as well and toward the end it was like every two to three days and more when it was hot. Keep in mind it depends on the size of the pot and the plant. When a plant is young it does not drink as much but when it gets large it drinks like crazy. Fabric pots tend to dry out quicker but i prefer them to regular pots.

      That said if you have fans blowing directly on a plant it tends to drink more water and can get over watered. The main thing to look at is if your plant is healthy. If it is then i wouldn't worry about it.

      Oh and yeah i do the feed every other watering and water with ph'd water in between like MeestaFeesha


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