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HELP brown tips in hydro

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    HYDRO HELP brown tips in hydro

    Ok I had an emergency and was gone for a week, I had someone watching my girls. I always PH to 6.0 for nutrient change and top off water he was PH to 5.7 to 5.8 and did last weeks nutrients change. The tips of the leaves on both girls have brown tips is it the PH or something different?

    I would say it's either nute burn or light burn. Check the distance to your burnt leaves and if thats cool maybe do a res change and cut the amount of nutes by a little.


      That isn't light burn, it's the slightest bit of nute burn, but plant looks great. I can't see the pink pics at all.
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        Exactly my thoughts as well!

      Surprised its nute I followed nebulas schedule, maybe my baby sitter didnt, they are getting a change tonight should I change with the schedule or flush with plain water first.

      I.know it's not light burn because I measured it myself


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