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Pest Problems and / or bud rot

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    HELP! Pest Problems and / or bud rot

    I think I made some big opsies , decided to grow fully outside this year and I've started to encounter some pest problems , coupled with some high humidity and some rain in the past days , I'm not sure if it's just insects or mold as well, there were some insect larvae entry points and some larvae inside the stems, I think these are the culprits . Just started flowering but there is also some brown/black stuff near the buds , help.... what do you think it is from experience.

    I just sprayed them with a general insecticide and waiting to see what'll happen.

    It's a White Widow , sun light , seaweed nutrients once a week natural ok airflow.

    Looks like bud rot due to the high humidity. Never spray the buds with anything. Especially if humidity control is an issue. Any way to increase the wind exposure? My guess is the plants surrounding the mj is creating an air choke point. She needs wind exposure to thrive.
    Also, the soil needs air as well. You should add 30-50% pearlite to your mix. That mud bucket must take forever to dry.
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      I would say trapped between those other plants on image 4 it could be a little cold and very moisture. Will cause rot. You trim the plants around it to make it warmer and more sun and dryer


        Can bud rot appear as early as first week of flowering? I always saw it on big developed buds, so i thought it would be tied more to how big the bud is , cause it gets less airflow.


        • Toker1
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          Rot is from a pest, like mold. Can happen at any stage really. Bud rot is a common term because that’s when most growers see it. In the dense colas where the mold is allowed to thrive.

        • SoOrbudgal
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          Your soil is too muddy compact no air to roots.

        In the pot there is some gravel on the bottom for drainage, potting soil, that looses watter really fast when its hot outside and the sun shines on black pot , and on top some normal soil(muddy) , to reduce some of the evap,

        But it looks like it isn't bud rot as much as a a larvae burrowing itself in the stem near or through a bud site , its like wood mite damage , either the plant takes care of em, (I took the plants out of that medium asap)
        , or some more insecticide, the buds are really young, and this is meant for fruits and vegetables as well. hope for the best.

        Thanks for all the Ideas though!


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