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Clear orange/red trics?

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    Clear orange/red trics?

    Husband and I are debating...We have two Bubbiliciois plants about 6-7 weeks into flowering. Strain flowers in 8-9.

    One of us thinks that since they are red’ish they’re ready to harvest.

    The other thinks that that since they are clear and have not turned cloudy yet, even though they are red we should wait.

    I have read read about the three stages of color changes, but never a clear red, what’s going on? Thanks!

    What you have there are some nice amber trichomes. Check out this link. 'twere me, I'd harvest. You're going to get flooded with opinions.
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      Are those sugar leafs or the actual buds?
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        Almost positive they’re the buds.


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          If the amber is on the buds i would harvest soon. My experience with tricomes is they are clear, then cloudy, then sometimes they stay cloudyish and turn amber but i have seen more of them turn amber and kinda clear up (meaning not cloudy but still amber). if they amber imo then it doesnt matter if they are cloudy or not as long as it is on the actual bud and not the sugar leaf. Sugar leaf trichomes can mature earlier than buds.

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