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    SOIL First time grow, wanting opinions!

    Hey, first time grower, I was just wanting some thoughts on how the grow is going, the two bigger plants (GG4) are around 35 days old (11inchs each) and the smaller (Bagseed, yes i know it could be male!) around 25 days (8inches). The plants have all been topped once and will likely be the only one due to time! No nutrients have been used except for diluted fish water occasionally, although for the flowering stage some will be introduced. They are being watered around 400ml of water every 2-3 days and they are on a 18/6 schedule with an LED light, day temp: 23c-26c night temp: 17c-22c, humidity fluxuates between 45-55%! We wanted to LST but is there much point if we will go into flowering in the next 9-13ish days? Also is there any way I could predict a yield of any sort, does not need to be accurate but a ballpark? All suggestions and questions are welcome!
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      Hey-ya Blutein.

      You didn't mention your GG4 to be an autoflower but you're thinking they're going to flower in 9-13ish days. Unless you know it is autoflower you can veg the thing for a long time. In my experience, topping once takes the plant 3-4 weeks to recover enough to get new growth and I could go another 6 before flowering. Someone else will chime in if your time estimate is enough time to go from topping to flowering. Your bag seed is probably photoperiod which goes back to the long veg time.

      If you're able to predict the harvest size, we need to talk about lottery numbers. The standard is plants can double in height when they go to flower. If your plants are 8 inches now, perhaps 4 inches more growth in veg, you might be looking at a 24" plant. Of course, it depends on strain, training, environmental conditions and systems. Bunches of junk.
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      • Blutein
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        Cool thanks for that! They are all photoperiods but unfortunately I can't veg for too long due to other circumstances, maybe a better question then would waiting an extra 16-18 days instead of 9-13 have a very large influence on my yield? Oh and the plants were topped 9 days ago Cheers!
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      • Gingerbeard
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        Again, there are many factors. Bigger plants will generally give you better yields. LST throughout veg and defoliate few days before going to flower. Look those up on the GWE main page if you haven't. It's great information. If height is a concern, as it is for me, LST is essential to get the most for your yield.
        Yeah, extra time will give you a bigger plant. From the looks of the pictures it hasn't been that long since you topped. There are very few bud sites. Little plants will give you cute little buds that would look good strung up as a bracelet and maybe a set of earrings.
        Let them go as long as you can. The two main branches you have will give you the most colas. I leave the next set of branches below the topping to grow as secondary branches that will give worthwhile colas. I'm all about using fish poop and cuttlefish lips for fertilizer. It would be a good idea to get the marine sqeezin's going.
        Photoperiods are a real shot in the dark with bagseed. I've come to allow 10 weeks in veg and another 10 in flower. Give or take. But since I have a plant that is 19" tall and two that are 9" that were planted at the same time, I have to make adjustments for different strains. I've read you can go to flower after 4-5 weeks.

        You have, however, real fine little bushes.

      I say they look great! Real nice color.
      Predict a yield - hmmmmm - noobie question.
      Which came first - chicken or the egg?

      Always too hard to predict a yield - too many variables still in play. Murphy's law predicates that.
      I'm battling with WPM right now - harvested 2 plants I wanted to keep for a week longer. But I'd rather harvest a bit early than none at all.

      I only grow autoflowers - So I know what I'm getting 90 days down the road - usually I strive for 100 grams a plant. I start 4 plants each month - harvest regularly.
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      • Blutein
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        Cool thank you! Would you recommend growing an auto over a photoperiod if the time restraints were 90 odd days?

      • Rwise
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        Read the great auto showdown thread, a photo can be done in short time too, you just dont veg it as long. And if cost is an issue, photos take less light (lower electric cost) in the same period

      • Gingerbeard
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        Yep. Go for autos for time constraints.

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