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is it worth increasing the number of plants.

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    COCO COIR is it worth increasing the number of plants.

    Hey guys,
    Im new to the forum, but have been on GWE flat out since starting my first grow (still going, about to switch to 12/12)

    I was wondering if increasing the number of plants in my grow will decrease the grow time by much (is it worthwhile?) I have read the article on 'how many plants should i grow'
    and it states that increasing the amount of plants can reduce the veg period, the strain i'm growing currently are around 4 weeks veg, I cant imagine that would get cut down by much.

    Grow space is around 3*3*7
    400w HPS

    Thanks in advanced, this looks like a great community!

    *Edit* This question if for my next grow.
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    How many plants do you have now? You’re how far into veg? I suppose if you have empty space in your tent, you could start some clones, but if you’re about to switch to 12/12, I don’t think you’ll have the time and light schedule to spare.
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    • AusJ
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      Apologies that was poor communication on my behalf, the plan is for my next grow. i'm 4 weeks into veg though. Im currently growing one plant but I was wondering if i grew 4 next time, would it half or qtr the time of veg? is that how it essentially works?

    The only reason the veg time would be less is because you wouldn't need to grow them as big to fill up your space. I would see the benifit of this if you don't have that much vertical space or want to take a bunch of clones and do a sea of green. It's all personal preference


      4 weeks is the minimum I would Veg the plants so I would say you need to ask yourself if you’re happy with the canopy you have? Given your current canopy, do you have room to fill in open spaces? Do you want to continue with a 4 week Veg time? Again, IMO anything less than 4 weeks will give diminished returns, but an extra 2-3 weeks could be the difference between 4 and 6 plants. I have personal experience with your tent size while utilizing the same light. A good vigorous 4 weeks of Veg will fill out about 70% of your footprint with 4 plants. The other 30% will fill in after you switch to 12/12.
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      • AusJ
        AusJ commented
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        Sweet thanks this is very helpful, I'm not 100% sold on my current canopy, my inexperience also led me to a few problems early on (over-watering and temp), but if I interpret your reply correctly, an increase of plants with around the same amount of time in Veg I should get a considerably larger canopy (considering I look after my ladies properly this time). I'm happy with a 4-5 week veg period if the yield is going to be larger than what i'm looking at atm.

        Thankyou Obi-Wan

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