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    drying question


    I just chopped up my first two plants, both auto flower. One Diesel and one Amnesia Haze. My question is ... it seems me entire house is around 45% humidity. I know it should be around 70% or so to dry enough to put in jars to cure. Can I leave it at 45% and just check it often for when the small stems are close to being able to be snapped or should i add a humidifier? I'm a bit nervous about the idea of a humidifier as i I don't want to go find in the morning that I am now at 100% and dripping! ... thoughts? Excited about my first grow!

    I put em in brown paper bags , and do 1 day of cure per 10% humidity. So 45% rh would be 4&1/2 days , and so on. That always gets me close .

    I use hygrometers in the jars and burp daily to dial in 62% , which is ideal.
    Fabric pots 3gal
    Coco coir 60%/ perlite 40%
    Nutes- gh Cal mag ,gh Flora trio, gh liquid Kool bloom, RAWYucca, gh armor si, gh diamond nectar, gh rapid start
    Lights. t5ho for 2wks & 1000w MH veg / 1000w Hps flower
    12ft × 12ft grow room
    Beans are from MSNL
    Ph pen ... Ec pen... Lux meter... Usb microscope for checking ripeness.


    • drfeelgood
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      hi, thanks! where you say "cure" I am thinking that means "dry"? as in one day of drying in paper bags per 10% of humidity .... then cure in jars with burping to 65%...

    • Mud
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      That's correct. Curing is as crucial to harvesting good chronic nuggets as is nutes , lights,or genetics. In my opinion. Hope yours turn out great.

    Hey doc, 45% humidity isn't the worst thing that could happen; I wouldn't add a humidifier myself. My humidity stays around 45-50% while I'm drying. You will find that your smaller buds will be ready to jar first.
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    • drfeelgood
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      Thanks ... I think I will just need to monitor and trim the buds off of the stems when they get a little dry and then burp according to the hygrometer....

      I like your quote ..... i also like ... "If not now ... when!" .... be well and thanks .... I'm so excited about my fist grow, I'm learning more each day.

    • alltatup
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      drfeelgood When you first jar the buds, hopefully they're around 65% RH and you should burp daily for the first couple of weeks to give them fresh air. Then you can slow down on the burping. During that first week or two, I check on the jarred buds a few times daily; sometimes I have to take some out overnight or for a few hours to dry a little bit more. If you want, I'll send you all my notes.

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