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    Gorilla Glue wk12

    Hello all,

    In week 12 of flower and more white pistols are shooting out. Not sure if it’s fox tailing or what? I’ve been flushing for about a month now. The light has been about 18in away from the plant but just before reaching out for help, I moved it to 36in above the plant. Room temp is about 70-75 in the day and 65 at night.
    600 w LED
    12-12 schedule

    I have found that when growing 'long flowering' (9-12 weeks or more) plants indoors under LED slight fox tailing is not that uncommon and usually occurs during the last few weeks as the buds give a final push to fill out. If you have long flowering varieties the last few weeks is also when your non hermied plant may produce seeds.
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    • Cberdahl
      Cberdahl commented
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      Thanks BU2B, that makes sense.

    Plant looks great!!! It's stacking new buds, not foxtailing from what I can see. Are you counting weeks from flipping your light to 12/12 or from the time you first started to see pistils? I've never grown any G.G., but I intend to try a G.G. cross, so I'm collecting data.
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    Space 2: 6ft x 6ft x 8ft room
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    • Cberdahl
      Cberdahl commented
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      Monday is the start of week 12 and I start counting weeks when I see pistols. ;-) I got the seeds from Lifted Cannabis Co out in Seattle, they have some great genetics.

    12 weeks for GG? Who's the breeder? That seems mighty long for GG.
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    Future Harvest nutes

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    • alltatup
      alltatup commented
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      Well, if that's what they say; my Royal Queen Royal Gorilla (same strain) is 8-9 weeks, so I was surprised to read that.

    • HappyDaze
      HappyDaze commented
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      Agree with ATU...that's a very long flower cycle, but the results look great. I wonder what's keeping them from turning more amber at this point? Genetics?

    • Cberdahl
      Cberdahl commented
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      My first thought was simply too much and after white pistols shot out for the fourth time; I became worried about fox tailing which started this chain. The majority of the trichomes still look clear or hazy so I’ve moved the light to 36” above the plant, cut daylight by 30min on the timer and dropped to 300w only. If she does only need 8-9 wks then there shouldn’t be any harm. She looks done... just waiting for darker trichomes.

    nice plant WELL DONE!
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      Thanks, it’s been almost 5 months of growing... glad to see some good buds for the effort.


        It just seems to be a long time for indoor plant to grow I'm thinking the light is the issue?


          Well now its been another 8 days since this first post and 95% of the hairs are orange/amber but haven’t curled in and tightened up. The trichomes are about 15% Amber and the rest cloudy. Last week I had to give her a single dose of nutrients after watering 4 times consecutively. Yesterday I gave her water with a nutrient flushing solution to make sure the dissolve the nutrients I gave last watering. I think she’ll take one more watering and be ready to harvest in 7 days.


            I don’t get it... the plant looks amazing but now that I’ve harvested and begun curing, the potency is really low... I have a new seed of Cookies and cream that’s in veg. How can I increase the potency?? I was give lots of Fox Farm nutrients... what are better nutrients? Should I make a super soil?


            • SoOrbudgal
              SoOrbudgal commented
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              Cberdahl what kind of high were you looking for? Maybe it was the breeder? Could be plant was not quite finished? Maybe allowing it to cure more? It's hard to say just looking at those pics from above. I only move my lights up from the plant if I see the plant reacting badly. Your nutrients are fine good stuff. Knowing the harvest time viewing trichs with a loop and patience. It's all part of learning how weed grows. It was a great looking plant, but it's guessing now.

            • HappyDaze
              HappyDaze commented
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              I've been luck so far with all my seed purchases. I've had lots of variability, but no outright disasters. Who was the breeder?

            The seeds came from Lifted Cannabis in a Seattle.. I pulled it out of some bud I bought.. the strain and breeder are amazing. When Lifted grows this same seed it’s the best bud I’ve ever had. I just recently learned you can give too much nutrients which affects the potency in a bad way. I was watching the tich’s all the time with a loupe and they were ready.. 50% amber. I wanted a heavy head high with some couch lock... the buds are also really fluffy. They were dense on the plant. I’m still curing the buds also but I don’t think it’ll help much. Decided to go with super soil mix... it’s cooking now for the next 4 weeks... it’s already been 2 weeks.


            • D.A.A.S.69
              D.A.A.S.69 commented
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              That was a beautiful plant, looks like it ought to get you high as hell. If those stigmas-pistils were mostly all brown-red, and receded back in to the bud, and you were seeing some amber ,it ought to be good stuff.
              My eyes are kinda old, and cant
              see your pictures that well. Lol
              The GGs, I've grown have been autos, and they were potent.
              It's its hard to beat ,good soil and water, seems to smell and taste better to me, but that's just my opinion.
              KindSoil is great stuff.
              Send a sample in, and get it tested.
              Anyway nice job with your plant.

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