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    HELP! new grower issues

    I have 3 plants it is 5 weeks into veg, flowering at 6 weeks. one of the plants got stressed and has developed flowers (pic attached). It was my nicest plant and I was going to take clones from it tomorrow. I am going to take clones from #2 but am curious from the more experienced growers of the issue of early flowering.
    Also I have developed brown spots on my larger fan leaves. not a lot at this time but....(pic attached)
    Any tips on dealing with noisy fan. I have a 460cfm air king exhaust fan presently attached to my joists. it is NOISY and from the room above it feels and sounds like a idling car. I need tips on fixing this issue!
    Plants are 5 weeks into veg. 18/6. hydro, 400w mh at this time. using megamass nutrients. no idea of model/genetics.

    Not very experienced on your first questions - never cloned.
    I can help with the fan - gotta spend around 200 bucks - Vortex Powerfans - mine runs great, very quiet. They are speed controllable - but you have to buy your own - get a variable speed controller.
    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
    Optic 4 - 415w COB 18/6
    Vortex in-line 6" fan

    Solo cup participant - Sister Glue


      When you say the plant got stressed, what happened? It’s looks like over watering or too much nitrogen from the clawing of the leaves. Your brown spots are probably a calcium/magnesium deficiency. You get cal/meg for $10 and give it with every feeding/watering till flushing. The plant can’t just flower on its own unless the light cycle changes, curious what the light schedule is? Also, you can’t take clones from a plant that’s already in flower.. sure you knew that it just kinda sounded like that was your plan.


      • Rwise
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        I just harvested a Rusty Glue clone taken in full flower and kept there, now it did not get big but it worked. Now I can hardly wait to harvest the mother! Also I just got a Tangycycle cutting, it was also in flower and is now in dirt under 16/8s. It will be vegged out,,,

      • jimmyjoe
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        Cberdahl, You can't overwater with a hydro system that I am aware of. several things, like stress can make a plant flower early. As denoted in my original post i am on a 18/6 schedule. You can take clones from a flowering plant but it will take 6-8 weeks to get properly back to veg. As I stated clones are coming from another plant.
        Rwise, If I understand the Rusty glue you harvested in flower and are going to keep it in flowering? as for the tangycycle, please clarify "it will be vegged out"

      First time participating in a online forum. Someone tell me how to properly use this forum. having procedural trouble. Thanks


        Hang the fan from the joist with rubber snubbers.....tarp straps. Ask a specific question.


          Hello jimmyjoe and welcome to the fourm

          You can post your grow details in your signature so you dont need to keep repeating yourself with the details with this link.

          As far as protocol and procedures, posting guild lines are here

          1). When you say got stressed. How?
          2). Most times a plant shows a female flowering without light change it is because they have autoflower seeds by mistake or ruderails. If you are showing bad stress problems so easily my suggestion would be to skip cloning poor, unknown genetics and get some good seeds to start with next grow.
          3) . Spots look like root or ph problem. How do your roots look? Temperature?
          4). Tear looks like a unnoticed mishap, it happens.
          5l. You will need to isolate you fan off the floor joist with some like a rubber grommet that can absorb the vibration, also will need to get creative with some insulation or something to dampen the sound and as suggested above a new fan and the speed control may be in order.


            I would like to note that you can in fact overwater in hydro, it just means something different. Basically it means it is drinking more water than it is absorbing nutes. This can happen with a ph imbalance or root problem and can lead to other deficiencies. Also if you have a fan that blows directly on the plant it can tend to drink more water. Oh and excessive heat...that'll do it too.


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