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Optimum airpot size for two plants in 4x4?

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    COCO COIR Optimum airpot size for two plants in 4x4?

    Hello. first post. As the title suggests, I''m trying to figure out what Airpot-type pot size/volume to use for two plants - two pots - having a 2x4 space each in the 4x4 tent which is 2m high. I plan on topping early, once for a two-way split then guiding the two main branches horizontally, possibly with a scrog frame or some sort of simple, single-line frame across each plant to tie the branches down to. Veg time will be around two months or more.
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    I'd go with 10 gallon


      What size light are you using?
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        Originally posted by Weed Pharma View Post
        What size light are you using?
        I have a variable 315w CMH and variable 660w HPS. I might get another CMH and run 2 at flowering or just the HPS with a Philips Green Power bulb in. Vegging will be by running one CMH..My past experience is in dirt. I've recently had an abortive attempt with DWC but it's too noisy for my location.
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          Originally posted by SirSmksAlot View Post
          I'd go with 10 gallon
          I'll go for this size. Cheers.


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