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How to test potency?

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    How to test potency?

    Is there an easy and reliable way to test for potency at home? I’ve seen color changing test strips are available, but I learned a long time ago that I have color vision issues trying to accurately read faint color changes.
    Its 2019 and there has to be an easy and reliable testing machine available.

    Over 30 yrs of back pain management without ever having a pharmacist give me a bottle of pills. Thank you Mother Nature and all the hippies from the ‘60s that became weed-masters.

    I personally put it in my pipe and that tells me.all I need to know. There are field testers but they come with a price, I don't have first hand experience with one.


    • YYCannabis
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      Thanks. It certainly looks promising. I also stumbled across tCheck website, but can’t find much for reviews on them.

    I'd phone AGAT or Keystone.....there's a bunch of labs offering testing now. I have no idea what it costs, but at least you'd be sure the results are reliable.
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    • Mr.furley
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      We've got two labs in the state, 500 hundred gets you pesticides test and something else I can't remember for the state up to 5lb each run but if you match and match strains no telling which one fails, 50 bucks gets you a one time cannabinoid profile.

    • HappyDaze
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      Mr.furley there's a nine licenced in our province. There was always a meds market, since legalization, everyone's try to make a $ off weed.

      EDIT add YYCannabis's your thread

    I had looked it up here in the Bay Area, $50 per test at the one I had looked at. I'll try finding the link on my next break here.
    Found it after work, seems the $50 is for CA residents, 'Express Potency'.
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      This is my best test: I get up early in the morning and vape it on an empty stomach with my first cup of chai. A+++++++ high.
      Why yes, I was high when I wrote this.

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        Some grow shops are offering testing, I believe the cost is around $25.00 each.
        The Grow Pro in White River Junction, Vt offers testing for $25, I'm not sure about other places.


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