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    Growing concern

    Hello, folks. This is my first grow in the first picture, one indica and three sativa. I am concerned with the condition of some of the leaves, although as a whole, all the plants look healthy. I have researched plant problems on the site and I am confused as to how to treat further. From what I have read, I either have mites, a Ph problem, calcium deficiency, light burn...

    Any input you might have would be greatly appreciated.


    I'm assuming it's on older growth, so you can take light burn off the list. Making another assumption of soil, where Calcium deficiencies are a little more rare, although not unheard of. Are you experiencing stunted growth? If so it could be Calcium deficiency.

    I would check the pH of the water that you use. If it checks out, you have two options left through process of elimination. Critters or Calcium. They look good otherwise, so I'm more leaning towards pH.

    *I was just reading this earlier (after my initial post), thought to post it.

    These are more specific, that I saw on a post Mr.furley had in a separate topic.
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      Thanks for the input. The plants are approximately 6 weeks old growing in soil. I use Go Box nutrients, which include a cal-mag supplement. I Ph the water both in and out. Ph at roots is usually around 7.0 and I alternate watering with and without nutrients. I will try to add a little more cal-mag and hope for the best. Thanks.


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        If you're pH adjusting your nutes with phosphoric acid, do it to your raw water before adding anything else. The phos acid turns your CalMag into calcium phosphate precipitate if you don't do it first. I don't pH my G.O. nutes at all using RO without troubles.

      I agree with MeestaFeesha PH fluctuation, it happened to me at the beginning of the flowering stage. Get your PH stable and it will stop.


        I Ph my water with Ph UP and Ph DOWN, usually after adding nutrients. Typically, the nutrients lower the Ph. Should I be adjusting the Ph of my water before adding nutrients? The nutrients typically lower the Ph. I use tap water that is run through a Boogie-Blue Plus and the Ph of that water is 8.0. The last watering was Ph’ed plain water that was 6.4 in and 6.6 out.

        Thanks again for your input.


          One other thing about my pH. I use a Sonkir 3-in-1 moisture, light, pH tester. No matter what the pH of my watering (6.3 - 6.7) , the soil never tests below 7.0. Is this normal?


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