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    good morning. my Northern Lights plant is at 2nd week of flower. I first gave it a feeding of Big Bloom. Here's my stupid question of the day. If I use Trio do I use them all together? Do I just combine Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom? Thank you

    Yes. You combine them, start with half of recommended
    amounts . Download feeding schedule at FF website.


      usa-soil-schedule-english_3-2019.pdf Here is the schedule for soil.


      • kingfish
        kingfish commented
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        If you go by that schedule, you will burn up your plants. IMO.

      • FatBoy40
        FatBoy40 commented
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        Yes you will, I recommend starting with 1/4 of the suggested amount and add more if the plants are not being damaged by it.

      • Toker1
        Toker1 commented
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        I use the exact schedule, minus the sledge hammer and flower kiss. I even add Rhino skin and Fish Sh!t. Feed only once per week and never had an issue with burning.

      After I switch to 12/12, I stop Grow Big and use Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom.


        If you go by their feeding schedule, everything is in tsp, where as Big Bloom is listed on the bottle to use tbsp. Surprisingly didn't know about the FF feeding schedule until a month ago, the ladies are happy as can be though. Like the 'Pirate Code', it's more guidelines than rules.

        Big Bloom can be used throughout the life cycle, it's Tiger Bloom that is flower focused. Although, I'm considering to continue using Grow Big until 2-3weeks into flower, tapering off as time goes, to continue to support the small veg growth that does still occur.
        Meesta's Grow



        • stump
          stump commented
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          I follow the schedule at half strength except the 3 boosters there at the full 1/4 tsp.

        Interesting how many times I have heard that question about mixing all was my first question as well. I’d even written to them to get the right answer


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